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3rd Party Wireless Router for UPC Broadband

  • 25-12-2014 11:15pm
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    Hi all,

    So I ordered UPC 200Mb but since I don't have a UPC connection box I need to wait until Tuesday for the technician to install it.

    I digged around the board on UPC and Technicolor 7200U came up a few times. Most people seems to complain on how horrible it is.

    Now I am not an advance user in setting up a home network I haven't even set up a router before :P I have 7+ wireless device, 6 of these devices have AC wireless adapter and the other few devices use wireless N/G adapters. Now I want to be able to take advantage of the 200Mb I am paying for so from what understand I would need a AC wireless router which the Technicolor is not.

    Bottom line is that I want to improve the wireless range/performance, achieving at least 120Mb+ speed on my wireless devices that have wireless AC adapters on them.

    I would like to know is it worth getting a 3rd party AC router? My budget is around €160, what would you guys recommend?

    For setup, do I only need to turn wifi off on the Technicolor and only use the 3rd party router as a wireless access point?

    I presume do not need to go anywhere near bridging etc?

    I know I don't even have UPC installed yet but I would rather know it sooner than latter :P Your sage advice are much appreciated :)


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    You don't need a router... Just an access point.

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    You don't need a router... Just an access point.

    It seems that most access point are more expensive than routers and there seems to be less to pick from. Would it be more cost effective to purchase a router instead plus if I were to delve into more advance networking in the future?

    Are there any particular AP you would recommend if I am going to buy one?