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CRS 3.0 (2008): Security skewers?!?!

  • 18-10-2014 11:53am
    Registered Users Posts: 88 ✭✭ fidero

    Hi guys
    I am still on my crazy adventure of slowly but surely replacing every part on my bike (as per previous posts) as and when needed.

    I am intending replacing the skewers on my bike for the 1st time. I heard about security skewers. My new wheels (another 1st for me) are worth 100 (not very expensive relatively) but still wouldn't like them robbed!!! I have noted manufactures such as Pitlock and Pinhead. Has anyone any suggestions or experiences of them or this subject? Any suggests on skewers as a general topic?, no interest in qr as obviously don't want to have it as easy pickings but the possible robber sees my bike and then looks on to other bikes as been easier pickings!! I commute on it at the moment but intend at some point to do some country cycling like the Green & Silver canals.


    P.S.: As per good forum etiquette I attempted to search the forum for similar post but nothing was found!!