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Interesting TEDtalk on social media, use of information, future of same

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    This is one of the more thought-provoking TEDtalks I've looked at recently and thought it was worth sharing.
    It's an interesting area, how this data is being mined and analysed to come up with what she maintains are pretty predictable results (using the power of scale).

    To be able to fairly reliably infer religion, political persuasion, sexuality or even just more prosaic stuff like being able to predict when a young girl was going to get pregnant (as per her talk) is fairly eye-opening.
    But what's really interesting is asymmetry in the possession/use of this data.

    I doubt people even know that it can be used so precisely (another example of this asymmetry).
    Interesting to hear her talk about the average facebook chump and whether they might want to know what these companies might be able to infer about you (and exploit) and redress the balance (so to speak).
    Great talk IMO.