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Review my Sci-fi website.


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    Any thoughts at all?

    Good, bad, awful?

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    I'll bite.

    Dump all the existing text content. Yes all of it. You shouldn't have to tell so explicitly what the site is about, it should be obvious from a strapline, navigation and the content. Put best/latest/whatever links with headings and 1st para of articles.

    Redo the site in something like WordPress* and learn how to use the many plugins which can make your site much more effective with search, comments (moderated), better navigation with categories like genres, media[TV, book, movie], year, directors, authors.... in dropdowns.

    Find a decent theme.

    Your blog bit has potential for user interaction like voting or comments/debate input yet none is available. Many of your blog entires do stuff like ask a question but only some provide any sort of answer.

    Articles could have their own dedicated pages and you could provide links to further resources and even set up some affiliate streams for purchasing DVDs, books etc which might get you a few bucks.

    Bear in mind you are up against heavyweights like Amazon, IMDB, Wikipedia, ect, so you need to think how to get something that will rewards your audience in a way they mightn't. Compared to these, your content is way way behind.

    There's a WP logo and link on the contact, but it just doesn't seem actually to be Wp or it's just so pared down so as not to give any of the usual indicators.

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    The aims of this website.

    This website will outline the different aspects of Classical science fistion

    Topics ranging from movies, television shows and novels which have greatly influenced the science fiction genre.
    1. I'm not sure if your site is historical (a review of sci-fi before 2014) or an ongoing discussion of sci-fi from its genesis right up to now and beyond. How are you better than wikipedia etc?

    2. Who are you? Why should I listen to you? You have no forum so it's all one-way from you to me...

    3. Spelling mistake (fistion)

    You contact form has 'name' and 'message' but no box for email address.

    Looking at the Novels section. You list The Time Machine (1895), 2001 (1968), Dune (1965), A Princess of Mars (1917), Hitchhikers (1978). Why this chronological order?

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    Okay that's really critical feedback.

    In fairness. I tried to think of a simple idea for content and focus more on the technical functionality of the website.

    Mainly to have the site working up to HTML5 standard, which it does, and more recently to have the layout in a response design for desktops, phones and tablets. Which it does.

    Then I also currently have a small working database and search function. (Not currently posted up I'll admit, as I wanted to work further on it).

    I never really had any intentions of making it into a big thing or anything profitable.

    I am mainly aiming to try and make the move in to web development/design as a career (currently work full-time elsewhere).

    For job descriptions and interviews, they expect you to have good skills and efficiency in XHTML & CSS, HTML5, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT and PHP.

    So it's a lot easier to apply when you can demonstrate with a working website. I had a previous portfolio website for my amateur graphic designs which helped a lot for my last interviews and helped me land a job.

    I closed that one down to focus on the current one that I have which in terms of functionality and design (not content) is a lot better.

    I have thought about wordpress, but I thought that if it makes it much easier for anyone to make a site, then it's not that impressive. However if it adds more interactive functionality, then I may reconsider.

    I have thought about changing the content to a different themed site, now and then. Perhaps to something a bit easier to write content for.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    It's an ok go at a first site. Is it all notepad?
    Have a look at some themes and blog platforms, to spice it up a bit - you can still use the domain on a blog platform.

    Don't have the search box at the bottom of the search page, search boxes always goes on top. Particulrly when the page is dedicated to search.

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