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Auditions for the Playpen - Version 3.0!

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    While I'm at this winter cleaning lark, I think it's time to try and get this up and running again.

    What is this "Playpen" you speak of?
    Well, I'm glad you asked. The Playpen is a chance for you to put yourself before the C&H community and allow them to ask you deeply personal and invasive questions such as "Daddy or chips?", "What's your favourite colour?" and "If you could be an igloo, what type of igloo would you igloo?".

    Sounds... cool?
    Damn straight it does.

    So what's involved exactly?
    You volunteer to enter the playpen on this thread. When it's your turn, you start a thread (or preferably get someone to write a suitably witty intro for you). Then you answer questions. Simples.

    If you did one before you can do one again if you want, we're very casual around these parts.

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