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Roller Derby - What is it? And how do I get involved?

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    I hope WIZE doesn't mind me editing this post, but I figured we should have a sticky information thread for people who find the forum, and come in wondering what we are all about!

    This is a place for some interesting articles, or video clips or any kind of info you think might show off Roller Derby to someone who has never heard of it before!

    Your local team and leagues are HERE!

    Some live bouts or games you can go to see are HERE!!

    Here is a nice article I came across just now, which is from Lead Jammer magazine, about the range in ages and people who play Roller Derby. (Saw it on the Galway City She Devils FB page, so thanks ;) )

    So, everyone else, please post videos, pics, articles, of interest in this thread :)

    Mylina :)