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Dundalk Student Housemates?

  • 27-07-2013 12:59am
    Registered Users Posts: 4 Plunkettt

    What's up! I'm starting Dundalk in September and I've been told from a friend who is in DKIT that Rockfield is the best fun and is a very safe place filled with students.

    I'm looking for as many housemates, so if you're interested let me know and i'll give you details of houses.

    Cheers :D


  • Safe? Hahahahahahahaha!

  • Do you have an opinion or personal experience from Rockfield? I'd like to hear about it.

  • A fair amount of muggings have happened there. I didn't stay in Rockfield myself, but friends of mine have had it happen to them.

  • College Manor has completely changed and there seems alot more families have moved in last few years plus CCTV cameras all over the place now. I know alot of other students having the Guards at the door every other night! Great for safety and if you are willing to keep your head down!

    Still alot of students in College Heights and Rockfield though but can be rough at times and alot of rubbish about and cars dumped about the place.

  • If you stay in groups and don't wander about on your own at night you'll be fine in Rockfield.

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  • Rockfield is starting to sound a bit dodge now :/

  • Plunkettt wrote: »
    Rockfield is starting to sound a bit dodge now :/

    It's just the same as anywhere, there's always going to be a rough element to places and it can be worse in student estates, as long as you have some common sense you'll be fine.

  • Rockfield during the summer is very quiet - and clean.
    When the students come back it changes a bit. Problem is that students don't care too much if a bin is knocked over and sometimes litter as they are leaving houses in the wee hours.
    There are no problem families in Rockfield - sometimes a few undesirables come about but they no doubt do the rounds in most estates.

    Rockfield houses are very good quality in that they are big and well portioned. They are also only 5 mins to the college

    Enjoy your time in DKIT wherever you stay