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***Match Thread*** TUE JUL 2 20:15 WES1

  • 30-06-2013 5:03pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 14,761 ✭✭✭✭ Lovely Bloke

    Could do with a win here.

    Derek - in
    Cathal - in
    Ciaran - in
    Collie - in
    Damian - in
    Darren - inj
    Dave - in
    Gar - inj
    Jules - inj

    Keith - in
    Wes - inj
    Derek Mr - in
    Craig - in
    Liam - in
    Paddy - in
    Marsen - out


  • Bare 11 so we need to start quickly and push on and win, will be some tired legs but lets keep it going for 60 mins lads

  • Indeed, they beat us in our first game and deserved it too. They've beaten some good sides so we need to bring our A game.

  • Good luck tonight lads. I'm out due to the ongoing problem with my foot. I'd be tempted to play through it again as we're short numbers, but I'm out of work today with a chest infection so need to rest up, otherwise I'd be up to shout ye on.

    While we lost a goal due to being caught 3 on 2 from our corner last week, it's important to remember our system is still the right one to get the most out of our strengths (attacking passing football), that incident doesn't mean the system is wrong, we just executed it incorrectly at that time. So, the right attacking, but not gung-ho, balance is to ensure we have man-on-man at the back in those situations, so 3 on 3, we don't need to leave 4 or 5 on 3 like most teams would do.

    Having 3 on 3 in that situation means we've got more players attacking and just remember how much of a threat our fullbacks were bombing forward last week - easily led to more chances than that one incident we conceded from. Sitting back and defending a lead is NEVER the right move, particularly for us - it has been disastrous for us so many times I'd really question anyone that would even suggest it. It's about balance - keeping the pressure on when we're ahead, but not leaving a man unmarked at the back. Important to remember for a match like tonight where we know we can get at their defence but we know they offer a fair amount in attack themselves - attacking to keep them pinned in their half and having faith the goals will come for us is the way to go.

  • Hoping to get up tonight guys, depends on what time the little guy goes down.

    PS: I'm going to be back for the final game, so I expect to be lifting the trophy.... :)

  • 4-0 loss and probably one of the worst performances in a long time.

    Defensively frail and offensively off tempo.
    The most frustrating part is we know how good we can play and as Ciaran said we went out at half time with fire in our bellies which went out as soon as the whistle went.

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  • That was horrible to be a part of.

  • :(

  • Shame cause with the results around us last night a win would have opened up the league.
    Letting that 2-1 slip against Darks looks like its cost us the league / or any hope of winning it.