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***Match Thread*** TUE JUN 18 19:15 WES2 A.B Cycle Factors F.C

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    BIG game lads, let's go out with the same attitude as the last few weeks

    Derek -
    Cathal - away
    Ciaran -
    Collie -
    Damian -
    Darren - inj
    Dave -
    Gar -
    Jules -
    Keith - away
    Wes -
    Derek Mr -
    Craig -
    Liam -
    Paddy -
    Marsen -
    Dermo -
    Stephen -


  • Best of luck lads, a win here would be epic

  • Still away for this one unforto good luck lads

  • Derek - in
    Cathal - away
    Ciaran - in
    Collie - in
    Damian - in
    Darren - inj
    Dave - in
    Gar - inj
    Jules - in
    Keith - away

    Wes - in
    Derek Mr -away
    Craig - in
    Liam - in
    Paddy - in

    Marsen - in
    Stephen -

  • Best of luck lads, you can defo go and win this game, might even get to call up to see the match, although not 110% sure If I can.

  • Nothing but a win tomorrow lads, same attitude as the last few weeks. Everyone needs to work hard for eachother. If you go on to the field with the wrong attitude you never have a chance in winning so lets all remember that. I want a league winners medal!

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  • Might drop by for this game if that's ok, haven't been in a while..

  • How are the numbers Desmond?

  • Score, summary ?

  • 1-1 Draw, from one down we scored late - we also hit the cross bar from a free kick and their keeper made a number of quality stops - I'd say we maybe edged it in a tight game where a draw was a fair result.

    Couple of good new players too, hopefully some of them come back.

  • a good draw if we lost id be devastated but its not insurmountable at the moment hopefully results go our way fair play lads on the result, im home thursday and will be back for our next game bleeding dying for one as well!!

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  • Absolutely well deserved draw in the end.

    First half, they put the aerial pressure on and yous had to defend deep and did it very well. There's no other way to defend it and they got lucky form a long throw. I thought there was a huge problem upfront in the first half where the ball didn't stick and there was no pressure on their defence and midfield who were free to deliver the ball forward.

    Second half was a complete change. The ball was sticking upfront, perhaps more link-ups and the ball was being sent back into the area quickly if it was half-cleared.

    Their sitting midfielder who was instrumental in the first half was anonymous in the second half dealing with just clearing the ball. Then, Boards' midfield could join the attack and the defence could push up which they couldn't do in the first half.

    They were defending deep, really struggling to get out and could very easily have lost except some excellent saves and hitting the bar.

  • Yeah well done lads, a draw is a decent result in the grand scheme of things

  • Bit of a mental result for Monks, lost 5-4 to
    That puts us second on goal difference but still 5 points off the top.

  • Good result against a very strong team. Keeps the league alive, we're very much still in the hunt.

    Their style was effective as it meant much of the game was played in our half as it was returned to our half with their decisive clearing of their lines, and then they could take it down if they won the breaking ball in our half.

    There'll always be different viewpoints on how to deal with that style of play, but I've seen it work most effectively when the team pushes up as a unit and pressurizes the opposition at source so they can't play any accurate balls, rather than sitting deep in anticipation of where their long ball is going to land. As I said, opinions will differ, but for me the latter doesn't play to our strengths, whereas pushing up does.

    As a result, we didn't dictate how the game was played, they did. While it's true to say the ball didn't stick upfront first half, that's looking at only one part of the puzzle. Our defence was so deep the gap between defence and midfield was large and from defence to forwards was huge. That meant that the very rare balls that did make it forward were long balls - it's very, very difficult to take in a long ball like that into the chest/header when outnumbered and there's no teammates within 15 yards for an easy lay off. That's not to say the defence had the option to play a short pass out of defence, they often had to play it long as the opposition had pushed up pressurizing our half of the pitch as they knew the ball would spend most of the time in our half as they pumped it back in each time we played a loose ball forward. So, that's highlighting the Catch 22 that arises from sitting deep: sure it means we have more people back to deal with long balls, but it also leads to more long balls coming in at us as their defence are not pressurized so have time to pick a ball (and they were fairly accurate). The only way of breaking that cycle is to push up and not allow them, particularly fullbacks, to get time to pick a long ball.

    Anyways, great to be the ones on the ascendancy in the 2nd half - we got the ball down more often and looked threatening on the counter attack and it was good that we rescued the point, better than being in the lead and conceding.

    Thanks also to new players Aaron, Alan, and John, all had a big impact on the game.

  • Would have won if I was..........................................................haha :)

    2nd place guys, few more wins and a few slips ups and we can hopefully push on.

    I have my operation tomorrow, so hopefully see you back in 10 weeks for the winter league, love the fact I miss lovely dry nights and nice weather and will be back in the depths of ice n cold :(

  • At least we know what happens now when you do actually head the ball...:pac:

  • Mousewar wrote: »
    At least we know what happens now when you do actually head the ball...:pac:

    Oh, bad burn!

  • Good luck with the op !

  • Well done last night everyone, my first half was a shocker didn't suit me the way they were playing at all because I'm ****ing ****e in the air! I was pretty wrecked as well I should have said it to Des before we kicked off but I thought I'd be grand. A draw still keeps us in it anyway so lets push on.

  • out of curiosity lads do 2nd and 3rd places get medals as well?

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  • mrDerek wrote: »
    out of curiosity lads do 2nd and 3rd places get medals as well?

    Jesus someone is hard pressed for a medal, you can come down and clean out my trophy cabinet if you want I have a few oldies you can take with yea .

  • Cheers im good you can keep your participation medals ;)

  • At this point talk of second place is a distraction, we are aiming for 1st and 2nd should be seen as a let down given what this team is capable of.