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Starting Over!

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    I would really like to start back on the running scene again. I was on the irish juveile team some years ago and have always continued running but at my own leisure. I would really like to get a structure in place. I seem to always run but with no real basis. Could any one point me in the right direction .I am not ready to join a training group as of yet but would appreciate a push start. Any sites, ideas, etc.


  • Start running again regularly and try and pick routes you enjoy. I am assuming it is middle distance you are talking about. Try to increase your weekly mileage slowing and make sure it is at a pace you enjoy. Get some months of running into you, then come backto the board and let us know how you are going.

  • i'd say getting together with a group of your own standard would be the way to go. find some people of similar fitness or rope in some friends to run with. it should make it easier to train consistantly. start off nice and easy and build up your mileage til your ready to start training with a more serious group. the social aspect of running will help you.