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Resuming Piano After 16 Years

  • 27-03-2013 11:49am
    Registered Users Posts: 8 ✭✭✭ starla


    I'm looking for some advice as to where to start with resuming the piano after an extended break. I completed Grade 8 16 years ago, but due to college/work/life commitments, I didnt have access to a piano to play and practice on since then. It's something I often think of, and am now in a position where I can buy a piano for my house. I'm obviously far from a Grade 8 standard at this stage so where do I start? I'm wondering whether I should go back to lessons, for a while anyway, as I like the structure and discipline they provide in that they force you to practice. Anyone else in a similar position? Or any advice from any teachers out there on where to begin?


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    I lived "pianoless" for many years and one day was asked by some friends would I mind accompanying their choir? You'd be quite surprised how much would come back. I was able to sightread through Vivaldi's Gloria, however wrists were very sore!

    I'd suggest you buy the piano and try out yourself first what you want to play, then get some conversations going with teachers. If you were grade 8 you probably won't have fallen behind that much - if you had worked a lot on technical exercises and good reading skills you'll find it comes back easily enough.