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Page Numbers, abbreviations, TOC

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    Seems this got buried under my last thread so I'll try a new one.

    LaTeX has gone well for me; thesis is nearly written, maybe Friday I'll finally be done with it

    I do have three things I'm trying to finish of with the formatting though.

    The first is the page numbering - I've been asked to use arial (helvet in my case) but I notice that while the entire document changes to the new format with no problem, the page numbers stay as the original LaTeX format. Would anyone have a suggestion for that?

    The second is to do with the list of abbreviations. I just can't get it to work. I've tried the nomencl package, the glossary package and the acronym package. In fairness, I got the acronym package to work but it's not ideal as it doesn't put them in alphabetical order. Also, it doesn't suit the format I have for the list of figures/tables.

    The nomencl package seems to be what I need/give the results I want but in all the examples I read they say something like "makeindex file.glo -s -o file.gls" or something to that extent. I use TeXworks so I have the option to make the index separately but I get an error that "Can't find Thesis Report Gl.idx". To be honest I'm totally lost with it.

    Thirdly, the format I have to use requires that the TOC is left justified with the chapter headings bold and the sub-headings as standard with no indent. So far I've not been able to find a way around that. Any examples online just don't suit.

    I'll give an idea of what the preamble is so far:
    \usepackage [top=2.5cm,bottom=2.5cm,left=3.0cm,right=2.0cm]{geometry}
    \definecolor{grey}{RGB}{187,187,187} %For titlepage
    \definecolor{lightgrey}{RGB}{220,220,220} %For titlepage
    \definecolor{lightgreen}{RGB}{96,176,80} %For titlepage
    \usepackage{textpos} %Image position on title page
    \usepackage{hyperref} % makes things clickable
    \usepackage[square]{natbib} %"square" gives square brackets around the citation
    \lhead{Capacity Analysis of}
    In the main body there's nothing too unusual. Tables, figures, equations, a few tikzpictures, citations. The usual basically.

    Thanks for your help