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Primal Carnage (video game)

  • 06-02-2010 6:23pm
    Registered Users Posts: 30,747 Galvasean

    Primal Carnage is a new game for PC where you can play as either humans or dinos. When you play as humans you play in first person mode and it's third person for the dinos.
    Not too much is known just yet, but each side (humans v dinos) has 5 character 'classes'. So far only one has been unveiled for each side - Scientist for the humans and T. rex for the dinos (expect raptor to follow).

    Check here for more info (not to mention demo videos of dinosaurs munching on humans!)

    Graphics look pretty good (probably too high end for my PC :()

    T. rex demo:



  • Dinosaurs and video games? That sound pretty close to perfect combination for me. Looks like it will be out at the end of the year, however it seems at the moment you can sign up to apply for a beta testing role, which would be sweet.

    They appear to have done some raptor animations so it looks certain they will feature too.

    A few more vids here.

    At the moment I am still more excited about Bioshock 2 out next weekend though :D

    Things have sure come a long way since Jurassic Park Tresspasser which looks more like a South Park episode in comparison (It is 12 years old in fairness).

  • Judging by the videos on the site theres a Pteranodon too. Sure would be nice to play as one, gliding around nochalantly... then swooping down on unsuspecting prey! Mwhahahahaaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There's also Parasaurolophus (I doubt that's playable though):

  • That looks awesome, I hope there is an X box 360 version, otherwise I will have to make do with a pc version.

    +1 on the Bioshock 2 comment. Have just finished Bayonetta and am dying to get back to Rapture.

  • Looks brilliant! I'm glad the gaming industry have taken a shine to dinos, they have more money to throw at it than discovery channel documentaries.

  • Me want.

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    I love some of the artwork for the game that they have on show. Interesting that on of the sketches is that of an aircraft carrier.

    Sounds a bit similar to the Left 4 Dead games in how they make up the teams. Both sides having a tank etc. The tank on the dino team being T Rex and on the human team it is a heavy gunner.

  • An aircraft carrier with a hole in the back... hmmm...
    At 3:33 what is that huge thing in the background? Some kind of water based predator? The plot thickens.
    So in that video we have Triceratops, 'Brachiosaurus'' and Dilophosaurus. Wonder will there be any non Jurassic Park dinos?
    I'm getting a Jurassic Park meets Half Life meets Resident Evil vibe from the level/building designs.

  • Who would want to play as humans when you can be a dinosaur? Rar. I eat you.

    Gal why do you doubt you can play the Parasaurolophus? Because its too big?

  • More to do with it lacking offensive capabilities.

  • Galvasean wrote: »
    More to do with it lacking offensive capabilities.

    Oh yeah. Didn't think of that.

    Well...I'm sure we can think of some. Umm...charge? Tail wacking? :D

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  • Isn't there a theory taht Parasaurolophus's thing on his head was a kind of horn for mating. Maybe, he can be like a battle horn, before Tricerotops charges and T Rex comes along gobbling up all the delicious scientists?:D:D

  • It's hollow and worked likea tuba:

  • New tech demo for the game. Very reminiscent of the lagoon scene from Jurassic Park.

    Looking around the website I see that Spinosaurus is confirmed too. So, I ask again, any non Jurassic Park dinos in it?
    Sure look at the sreenshots. They've got it fighting T. rex for crying out loud!

  • I posted this on the games forums, but I'm sure you guys will be interested in this too!

    So I've been playing the beta for Primal Carnage for the past few days. The basic premise is - You choose humans or dinosaurs. Each side has different classes. Each side feels very balanced, and neither are boring. Different sides seem to vary marginally better with different maps.

    Dinosaur side:
    • Raptors (Fast, agile, pouncing attacks, jumps high)
    • Dilophosaurus (Spits blinding gunk in your eyes)
    • T-Rex (Basically, a tank. Can eat humans whole)
    • Carnotaurus (Large, but nowhere near as large as T-Rex. Takes a while to build up speed, but when he does - he's a beast)
    • Pteranodon (Flying reptile... Can swoop in on players, rip them off the ground and pull them into the air).

    Human side:
    • Commando (Machine gun, grenade launcher)
    • Scientist (Sniper, and tranquilizer darts)
    • Pathfinder (Shotgun and flares that make it difficult for dinosaurs to see)
    • Trapper (Can throw nets at dinosaurs)
    • Pyromaniac (Flamethrower, chainsaw).

    The game is very past paced, and very well put together. Have seen very little bugs. I have to say - I haven't played a game this fun and innovative in a long time.

    Screenshot of myself and one of the lads on the prowl.


    Game is only €13.99 on pre-order which gives you instant access to the beta. Too me 2 weeks to get accepted for beta prior to that - so it's up to yourself if you want to wait. Best €13.99 I ever spent!

  • I'm not big on games about shooting dinosaurs I'm afraid.

    Isn´t using venom-spitting dilophosaurs some sort of copyright infringement? I mean, the game isn´t related to Jurassic Park or Universal, is it?

  • Interesting. How does it play? Particularly as the dinosaur faction. I'm curious how they manage to balance the different classes too.

    Also, great to see you can download a feathered skin for the raptor.

  • Adam Khor wrote: »
    I'm not big on games about shooting dinosaurs I'm afraid.

    How about games on eating humans whole, as a T-Rex? Not sure about copyright issues. I can't imagine someone could own the copyright to a spitting dinosaur.
    Ziphius wrote: »
    Interesting. How does it play? Particularly as the dinosaur faction. I'm curious how they manage to balance the different classes too.

    It plays really well I have to say. I tend to pick the raptor more than other classes. He's extremely quick (can hit about 60mph), has a pouncing attack - where he lunges about 10 feet and savages the player by the neck.. It feels very smooth. He's also excellent at jumping, so you can jump up on buildings and gauge out who's where on the map.

    Each class has their own strengths. I've never felt really more powerful with one over the other. I've just preferred playing-style instead. For example - The T-Rex can sustain huge amounts of damage, and dish out huge amounts of damage. But at the cost of that, he is huge and really stands out from the crowd - so he's a prime target for the human players. Also, when the T-Rex moves the ground around him shakes, so even if you can't see him - you know he's coming.

    Pteranodon is fun in that, you attack from the sky - so the human players have to constantly switching from looking out for dinosaurs on the ground, to looking out for swooping attacks from the sky. You can swoop in, life a player off their feet and pull them into the air 100 feet - dropping them to their death.

    Out of all the rounds I've played so far - neither side feels better than the other. It's really down to how well the team works together. If the humans work together as a closely knit group, it's difficult to get into them without being marauded by a shower of bullets and other projectiles. You need to get a T-Rex in to break them up, and then a group of raptors and such to start picking them off one by one. Lot's of tactics involved!

  • I had no idea it was a real game, had only heard about it in this comic in the Funny thread :D


    I think it sounds & looks great though.

    Is this PC only?

  • I think they are bringing it for Xbox 360 and PS3 also :)

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  • dlofnep wrote: »
    How about games on eating humans whole, as a T-Rex?

    That sounds better, but I was actually going to post the same cartoon as Mickeroo did XD

  • Does anyone remember Primal Rage? Used to have it for the SNES.

  • I sure do :) I had it also.

  • I had Primal rage on the Snes too. I very much enjoyed the way when you won matches your 'entourage' of human worshipers grew and you could eat them mid battle to regain some health.
    I have less fond memories of the Lost World game on the Playstation. That said getting to fight Allosaurus as a T. rex had its charm:

  • I loved The Lost World game because it used an eight symbol password system based on the four Playstation buttons. So basically, if you mashed the controller randomly, you had a good chance of skipping to the T Rex level with 99 lives. Great stuff.

  • Is this pretty accurate for what the gameplay is like dlofnep?

    The multiplayer will kick ass I reckon :D

    This is a more recent demo, looks better than the above one:

  • Yes pretty much. Although that's alpha footage, it's currently in beta and has some minor improvements. My screenshot above is from in-game.

  • Is there a single player campaign?

  • Galvasean wrote: »
    Is there a single player campaign?

    The official website keeps referring to it as an online multi player game, I see no mention of a single player campaign mode :(

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  • Kess73 wrote: »
    The official website keeps referring to it as an online multi player game, I see no mention of a single player campaign mode :(

    I saw something about that in the youtube comments alright. I thought iw would have been along the lines of Call of Duty where it would have a single player campaign but be more geared towards the multi-player. Bit of a wasted opportunity if there's no single player at all.