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  • 20-10-2012 1:48pm
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    Anybody heard of this fella or his website?

    Just came across it today, and tbh I didn't know if I should be laughing or worrying. Now, while me and Mark would agree on many things such as religion etc. I found his articles on modern US foreign policy to be downright bizarre. What one would assume to be an intelligent individual, holding a PhD and teaching in one of the country's colleges, comes out with arguments at times more befitting for a idiotic, foaming-at-the-mouth, right wing Fox news pundit. There are arguments within the blog which have an overly simplified premise, e.g. if you don't support the US wars in the Middle East, then you are a leftist, do-gooder, anti-West appeaser. Well then fair enough if that's his opinion. My problem with this blog, and with people who sprout similar views is that I feel they are completely misinformed about world politics at the best of times.

    For instance to some, if you opposed to the War in Iraq, you were a liberal, lefty pinko who didn't support America's supposedly noble mission to bring about democracy and freedom throughout the far reaches of the planet. But hold on, how can anybody at this stage, particularly someone such as Mark who I can only assume is an intelligent person believe all of the hogwash the US government were spinning in the media in order to justify declaring war on Iraq? I think at this stage that even a four year old could see that Washington is bombing the arse out of half the Arab world, with plans to take out the Iranian and Syrian governments in a cynical effort to secure oil supplies, and to grab oil lines and supply routes in order to avoid having to ask Arab countries for the oil instead. The line that the US is declaring war on these countries in order to spread democracy is also easy to dismiss as rubbish when Washington has supported countless dictators and autocracies throughout the world for the last few decades.

    And I also find it annoying that people such as Mark try and imply that so much as a slight disagreement about modern US foreign policy makes you anti-American. Nothing could be further from the truth, I hate US foreign policy, but in no way would I extent that to the ordinary American people. I have if anything always found them a hospitable, generous and welcoming bunch whenever I was over there. I also enjoy certain US comedy cartoons, reading up on American History and when I'm over in the US visiting the sights, taking a yellow taxi or going to a Yankees game in New York, seeing the countryside, trying out American food and drink and just simply getting to know some of the locals. This would not convince the likes of Mark Humprheys that you are not anti-American. Disagree with Washington on foreign policy and you are branded a leftist liberal do-gooder by people of this ilk. I can never understand people who take lines like this, particularity for some who is not only intelligent but self-proclaims themselves to be pro-reason, only to blurt out half of the rubbish in the blog he writes.


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    Who is he, and why should we care about his opinions? He looks like Nick Griffin so I'd be inclined to ignore him based on that alone.

    It's a terrible website so I can't even be arsed navigating my way through it.

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    'Idiot on the internet' shocker!

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    Honestly OP, I'm genuinely failing to see how what someone writes on their blog is worthy of a thread. If I'm missing something please feel free to drop me a PM.

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