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General Nursing Lyit

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    Hi I'd just like to hear from anyone who has studied nursing (mature) at lyit. I've seen on their site that you can expect to be sent to Cavan and Sligo as placement,is this compulsory?having a house,part time job and small child in Donegal unfortunately wouldn't allow for much travel :(


  • Moved to LYIT where I think you have a better chance of an answer.

  • Hey, I studied General Nursing in LYIT, placement location depend entirely on the type of nursing you want to do. With General Nursing you should expect approximately 4 weeks placement outside of letterkenny but within donegal, all within the first two years. The rest of your placements will be in Letterkenny General Hospital. If you are doing psychiatric nursing most of your placements will be located in Sligo, if you are doing intellectual disability nursing your placements will be scattered across all of county donegal.