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Vape Wishlist

  • 18-05-2012 3:32am
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    Sorry to open a new thread , mods please move if necessary, but I've read all the main theads and stickies, visited all the sites and only find myself more confused.

    I just want to get started asap with good quality stuff. I'm willing to spend about €150 initially.
    I wanna buy the best starter kit, whatever accessories are needed, good quality tobacco flavoured liquid (30 or 50ml) and good quality flavoured liquid (30 or 50ml).

    I want to order with a Laser, preferrably from Ireland, but not too fussy. The only other concern is that it will be somewhat futureproof, i.e. I can order replacement parts, from Ireland and other countries. (I'm soon emigrating to Australia and later Canada). Also, are there any sites whose promo codes are still working?

    Any advice is hugely appreciated. I'm at my wits end with tobacco. I've quit and relapsed over 20 times. I'm trapped in a weed>weed+tobacco>tobacco>quit>weed>weed+tobacco>tobacco>quit cycle thats gone on for years and is driving me daft!


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    well for a start you're not going to have to spend 150 :)

    like.. you could, and it'd probably get you an amazeballs kit but it's way overkill for someone just looking to start out and it'd likely be a bit fiddlier than your "standard" kits too as it would assume you'd been vaping for a while

    i'll reccomend what I always reccomend, ego battery and cartomisers.
    cartomiser is a small disposable item (typically costs 1.50-2 euro or thereabouts, oughta last you about a week although as disposable items.. your mileage may vary, 3-4 days isn't terribly uncommon before they have to be binned). it's a small tube with a heating coil inside it and some filler material. you drop juice in the top, the filler material soaks it up and holds it (so you can have several prefilled cartomisers on your person) and when you vape it feeds the juice from the filler to the heating coil which produces vapour. Imo it's the best overall vaping kit for someone starting out (you'll also need a drip tip with this kit, they're on the site.. like 1 euro each or something)

    first link is a dual coil cartomiser starter kit, second ling is a boge cartomiser kit (if you're going for the boges, get the LR 2.0-2.4ohm option)

    the differences between the two aren't great.. dual coil is slightly warmer, flavour is a bit weaker as a result. the dual coils also hold quite a bit more juice so you'll have to top the cartomiser off less often but that's like.. a 10 second job so not much of an issue to consider imo. the boges will give a slightly cooler vape so the flavour will be less befuddled with the heat. There's not a huge amount of difference between them. I'd probably reccomend the dual coils first I guess as the hotter vapour might be more "cigarette like" but... *shrug*.

    the main thing in those kits is the battery type. its a larger capacity battery so it oughta last you a day (maybe two) before it needs charging and as it's kinda the standard battery around nowadays .. if you decide you dont like the cartomisers or you just want to try something new.. it's very easy to do. buy the new kit on its own, screw it on to your battery and you're done. Even if you get the dual coils, you can order some boge cartomisers seperately to compare them yourself.

    the hardest thing is liquid. what I love, you might hate. your best bet here is to use some of that 150 euro you haven't spent on either starter kit and have a look around some of the irish websites in the "where to buy" thread at the top of the forum. I can personally vouch for the quality of the irishvapers white label juices, the e-smokeirelands juices and thebestshops liqua range.. i cant say what flavours you'll like but they are overall damned fine juices.
    Most of the irish sites stock Dekang liquid, its kind of the standard liquid as it's mass produced in china (in sterile conditions, by chemists.. it's not arsenic in baby milk china.. it's good quality safe stuff).

    I guess for tobaccos I could reccomend you try.. liqua traditional tobacco (or any of their tobaccos really) (

    Dekang winston/wensten, deluxe tobacco, turkish tobacco ( so many of the irish sites stock dekang, just take your time and have a browse around.. see what takes your fancy)

    as for the fruity juices.. has a juice called "swedish fish".. it's a sort of.. fruity juice. it tastes like a pack of refreshers and it's just.. a mouth watering delicious vape.

    actually there's athread above called "quick liquid reviews" take a look through it and see what people reccomend.. you'll notice how 3 people might love a juice and the next 3 might hate it. I'd hold off on ordering 30-50ml of anything until you knwo you likw it.. for your first order, order a few 10ml bottles..maybe from the same site, maybe from a few different sites.. and just find out what juices you like before you take the plunge into ordering a load of it as you dont want to be stuck with a juice you cant stand the taste of.

    the starter kit will cost you around 50.. 10ml of juice after that is generally 4-5 euro depending on the site and the brand of juice. get one of the kits.. if you were willing to spnd 150 euro I'd say splurge and order 5-6 or more 10ml bottles of juice from a few different sites to get a feel for what you like. There are discount codes in the "where to buy" thread so you can get a few quid off your order that way too.

    if you order at any point before 2-3pm monday you should get your kit on tuesday, so take some time over the weekend and have a look over the different sites. no need to rush it.

    oh and i dont think it matters what country you use your ego battery in.. an ego you get in ireland will be the same as one you get form china... well mainly because it came from china in the first place, same as the ones in australia or canada.

    forgot to mention juice strength... probably best off to start with 18 or 24mg. 24mg can be kinda... too much, so maybe get mainly 18s with one or two 24mgs just on the off chance the 18mg isn't satisfying your cravings. if you're smoking around 20 a day 18 should be enough I'd say.... it's hard to know, everybodys different.

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    As far as I know once you get to Australia you wont be able to purchase e-liquid over there from Australian vendors as they are only allowed to sell hardware or nicotine free juice by law. However you can import it by buying it from overseas vendors, some information here on it.

    Ridiculous law but something to bear in mind. Good luck with the vaping :)

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    Few bits and pieces from the Best Shop...

    The batteries are Joyetech which means they are regulated voltage throughout the battery life @ 3.3v, other eGo batteries will be charged at 4.2v and will run down to 3.2 v or something like that.
    You will get a more consistent vape out of the Joyetech unless you want to start at 4.2 and then at a reduced rate throughout the battery life which i personally do not recommend.

    I'm not mad about cartomisers but for the price of them , they do the job so i just put a few different ones in the basket, ya might read about better ones on the forum to select instead.

    Irishvape is the code and you would need to add juice as well.