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  • 14-02-2012 4:23pm
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    Whats it like in relation to pubs, shopping etc?
    What are good areas to live and the ones to avoid.
    Thanks in advance


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2 mcdons44

    There is no shortage of pubs in Carrickmacross with the town having about 20 pubs, however there is only one nightclub. It is a modern nightclub that has recently been refurbished and draws a nice crowd for a rural area.
    Shopping in the town is limited with few chain stores. There are some small clothes shops, newsagents, extra vision, chemists and supermarkets

    I hope this helps

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    Not sure there really is a bad area as such... every area has a few scumbags but nothing on a grand scale

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    Given how long it takes to get answers to the question, you might wonder how the town is for internet access.