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server side tweaking - CS

  • 17-05-2001 9:44am
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    over the next week the gameshop servers will be up and down, im trying a lot of anti lag settings, so bear with me.


  • Hope you manage to help ease my ping jug biggrin.gif

    I used to sit on 130-160 on Netshop....unfortunately as of late it seems to be more like 160-200 although this is probably due to probs with esat.......but I use .....Gwan help the pingalingers smile.gif

  • Good to see the netshop pings may be coming down soon smile.gif

    I ain't no expert on server side but I presume u can dissallow custom spray tags, downloading maps from server, and automatically kick those with 400+ pings?

    Also, the server is run off a Windows Machine so anything you could do to reduce the load on that would help out HPBs during map changes Im sure.

  • You could also (if you feel the urgw) use some sort of packet shaper to ensure that other net resources (ppl d'loading pr0n and the like) don't hog all the bandwith.
    You can limit certain types of traffic, and priortise others and stuff... can make quite a differance if there are other (less latancy dependant) things going on.