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resetting taste buds

  • 03-12-2011 12:37am
    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,604 ✭✭✭✭ Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    so I was vaping my wensten this morning, it tasted nice all going well.. but as always happens when I'm vaping all day after a while.. i dont really get a huge amount of flavour, or the flavour just becomes so muted. and if I change to a different juice.. yeah I notice the difference in flavour, but it's never as pronounced as it ought to be.

    i've always wondered is there a way around this, i've tried gargling water/mouthwash.. eating a bit of fruit or something and they helped a little bit but nothing major.

    but ive been vaping a menthol/aniseed flavour I got as a sampler from irishvapers all day and for whatever reason.. my wensten just tastes ****ing amazing after it
    it tastes even better than it normally does with my first vape of the day. does the menthol just clear out my tastebuds, paving the way for the other flavours of juices? should I keep a bottle of this or other menthol stuff around for just this purpose?

    has anyone else noticed this with flavours, and what do you do about it if you have..


  • Definitely notice the flavour tapering off as the day goes on...i usually just switch to a different flavour in the evening time to mix it up a bit...

    There's one particular RY4 i have that the flavour just goes missing after a few hours, but the next morning or after a different flavour...bang it's back again...