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Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Allotments

  • 20-10-2011 5:46pm
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    Hi, I've just moved into the south county Dublin area and am interested in getting an allotment. I tried researching and emailing the council but have failed to get anywhere. I know that they're in demand but does anyone know how to get on a waiting list? All the information online seems to be out-dated.

    Are there any plans to open new spaces?

    Thanks peeps


  • I saw a jeep on the motorway this morning with Glencullen allotments advertised on the back.

    For some reason, I remembered this thread.

    It might be worth a google.

  • There are allotments Just outside enniskerry on the road to Kilternan, don't know the name sorry.


  • A work colleague of mine just got one at Goatstown - think he was waiting 6 years for it!

  • SDCC have loads up in botharnabreena. Give them a ring.

  • 6 years................. I wont hold my breath so

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  • Pulling this thread back from history...

    Any luck with the allotments ? I put my name on the DLR list in August 2011, and dropped them a mail today to find out I am number 29 on the list and there is a possibility I will get allocated one in Spring 2015 [although I think Spring 2016 is more likely]

    Wondering who else has one with DLR, and what is the rough size of them and cost per year ? There appears to be very little on the web about them !

    Any information would be most appreciated

  • New to this...first time poster

    Wondering if anyone knows the prices of the DLR allotments? Can they be much cheaper than going with a private allotment? Had a look at Glencullen Allotments last week and they have loads of space at the moment.

  • Hi guys

    All the other allotment threads are very old.

    Just wondering if allotments are still going strong around south Dublin? Does anyone know about the waiting lists for the DLR allotments and the costs involved?

    Has anyone used any private allotments that they would recommend?

  • There are Private ones just passed the Scalp on the way to Enniskerry


  • hi
    I contacted DLR this morning on the same question
    they charge based on the size of the plot. Average is 50-60sqm, but they have plots of various sizes. They also advised that where bigger plots become available [>100sqm], they do consider splitting them due to the waiting lists.

    For 2014, the cost per plot is 50-60sqm = 80 euro; 60-100sqm=120 euro and >100sqm = 170 euro

    Hope this helps

    What price are the Glencullen ones and what facilities are available there ?

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  • I went up last week to look. Its under new management now and the man I was talking to is trying to get it cleaned up and running again. He didn't give me an exact price but he said the year starts in Feb so he'd do a good deal from now till Feb 2015 for me if I wanted one. They have parking, a toilet and bark mulch up there now and he said he'd get manure in soon.

    I rang DLR today and they said it'd take 5-6 years on the waiting list to get allocated one as the waiting lists where so big.

    I think going private might be the way to go.

  • Yea I've seen them but I've heard that those allotments are on top of an old dump. Think I'd prefer the clean soil of a different allotments. Might try the other ones in Glencullen.

  • Not that I can recommend but if you are traveling anyway to an allotment there is a place in Newtownmountkennedy, see here for full details. As it says, it's only 20 minutes from Loughlinstown Hospital.

  • milky1990 wrote: »
    Yea I've seen them but I've heard that those allotments are on top of an old dump. Think I'd prefer the clean soil of a different allotments. Might try the other ones in Glencullen.

    They are definitely on an old Dump, I worked in it


  • Allotment threads merged. No need for a second thread when another is relatively recently active.