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  • 11-03-2001 7:34pm
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    RTE were the original owners of Cablelink - under its old title RTE Relays Limited. But they sold their remaining shares when NTL took over.

    I doubt RTE would go to court over this. Even though Channel 5 did when RTE arrived on cable in the North.

    RTE are in the business of making sure as many people in Ireland will be able to recieve their digital services when they launch - they need the advertising. Which means they will go on SkyDigital if the cost is not prohibitive.


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    I think you must have misunderstood me with regard to RTE going to court. IF (and a mighty big if) BBC, CH4 & CH5 were going to be available to Irish viewers on the Sky EPG, RTE would surely try and stop them on copyright issues because it would have a huge affect on the advertising revenue. I think if CH4 & 5 were available to Irish viewers by default on "other channels" menu, RTE could still go down the legal road and also get an injunction against these broadcaster’s for allowing the masses of Irish Sky viewers access to their channels. This could be resolved by a simple Software update to all Sky boxes with an Irish viewing card. It is clear by now that this will not affect BBC 1 at least, because they have made it clear that they are going to keep BBC 1 encrypted when the move on to the new narrow beam on the 2D bird. ITV is going to be another story in Ireland when they do decide to come on the Sky platform. The availability of ITV in Ireland for Sky would have a killing effect on TV3 which at this stage is becoming more and more like ITV Ireland. I for one don’t think that Granada, TV3’s owners would have bought TV3 in the first place if they were aware of ITV being available in Ireland through the Sky platform. Granada have fought long and hard to keep ITV off Sky in the UK because of the affect it would have on the ON-Digital service which is part owned by Granada. They certainly would have objections to all ITV regions being available in Ireland.

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    ITV on Sky Digital is not a case of IF it is a case of WHEN, it always was.
    The british Government department thats responsible for broadcasting in the UK, has insisted that all terrestial stations broadcast on ALL digital platforms. The bargain tool in all of this has been the cross-ownership of ITV stations in the UK. Granada/carlton basically control the company, and with new broadcasting regulations in the UK coming soon, Laws will be made to allow ITV to become a single company. I am sure that ICDG will add further to this. TV3 may in time become ITV Ireland, but is there really a difference between UTV & TV3 at the moment???
    The programmes are basically the same, the only difference in my opinion being News and Sport.....
    Why would RTE want to take Sky to court over the UK stations being on Sky Digital to irish viewers??? It does not make sence.. As ICDG stated, RTE owned Cablelink the platform which provided these very stations in the first place. I dont think a court would take RTE's side after all it was them who introduced Irish Viewers to BBC/UTV in the first place....
    The reason I want BBC/Ch4/ITV on Sky is to give the cable companies competition. These companies have monopoly status in their franchise areas, and should have competition.

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    it's not March 12th so we will have to wait and see what happens on April 1st

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    I'm afraid I must disagree with your view of the copyright issue, this is a smokescreen to hide the real truth about the original granting of liciences to chorus and NTL. Channel 5 is available via analogue satellite but not digital. When a broadcaster secures a copyright it is for a geographical region and not a method of brodacast. )except in the case of pay per view.

    Regards Tony Irelands satellite specialists

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    It seems that Tommy from Electroplus knows as much as the rest of us regarding when the Beebs and C4/5 will arrive on Sky Digital in Ireland - which is apparently nothing.

    I know we all want to get these channels on Sky (particularly for BBC 3 and 4 when they upgrade from Choice and Knowledge) but in our enthusiasm we seem to be ready to latch onto any rumour going. At this stage I won't believe that they're being made available until I see them on-screen (in the EPG), and Sky issue a statement saying that they are part of their package (which Sky will not stop shouting about once they get the all-clear).

    So when's the next due date ? April 1st ? Keep breathing !

    P.S. Isn't it great to have a decent Irish TV Forum ?

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    Is it possible to buy a BBC license from the ROI, and in that way get the necessary card to see BBC? Just a thought.

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    Actually, most of TV3 and UTV's programmes are still different - its just peak time programmes that are the same. That will change though...I've got a feeling this Autumn will see a big increase in ITV programmes on TV3.

    Don't forget that most of the Carlton programmes are not on TV3, but RTE! (Eg. Crossroads and Inspector Morse). Also that UTV is still an independent company, its' not owned by Granada (yet).

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    So another rumoured deadline has passed. Electroplus got it incorrect....Next date is April 1st...we will wait and see.
    I have to agree that if the UK terrestrials become available that Sky will be broadcasting commercials on all the Irish Stations telling us.
    Anyhow, roll on April 1st.....Leesider <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

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    Pity that the BBC's didn't come on. I was rather hoping that they were. It has been confirmed to me that SKY definitely will broadcast BBC/C4/C5 by my boss! Unfortunately, he hasn't been told a definite date so as for april 1st, I hope so. Shame it's April Fools Day!!! Makes me a bit sceptic of the APR1 date for BBC. Finger crossed though! When are Eutelsat putting channels on EuroBird? Is it summertime? BTW, it is gr8 2 C a regularly updated forum on Irish TV. I've been flicking thru the ICDG cable forum & it seems chorus don't have much support <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE MAIL START--><a href="mailto: [email protected]" OLDREF=""> [email protected]</a><!--EZCODE MAIL END-->

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    Richard Logue
    Unregistered User
    (3/9/01 11:43:12 pm)

    BBC On Sky...?
    If the BBC come on Sky in the Republic on April 1st I will have a special meal.

    It is a an old felt hat purchased in Clerys at some point in the 1980s when I was wrongly convinced that it was a cool thing to have.

    Could anyone suggest a decent wine to go with a hat?


    Hi Richard,

    How was the hat ???

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    Hmmmm...April 1st...that date is familiar (and not for the reasons stated on this forum).

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    It needed a bit more salt...

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    May a recommend a decent pepper sauce with that?? <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :hat --><img src="../" ALT=":hat" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

    Cant wait til tomorrow night now to see it for myself <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->