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Ferrari is good example of Italiano mafioso stereotype?

  • 04-10-2011 8:42am
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    I believed in this since year 2000 and I have to say it loud: Ferrari is favoring their driver number 1 by tweaking something a tiny bit badly in driver number 2's car.

    It's last few days news that brought me up these extremely disappointing feelings about Ferrari.. I just had to make a thread to hear from others opinions if I m too skeptical here?

    Please save me from cursing Ferrari! I want to believe in Ferrari as one of the best motorsports organization but it's so hard because of what they are doing in last 10 years!

    Honestly Montezemolo & Co. are such bastards aren't they? After all it seems they are running F1 team mostly because of the business not that much as a fair play as sport teams and events should be.

    They are so purely Italian govern business where have to find a way to do things easier that competitors - the most possible lazy easy way, they don't like sweating.. otherwise cannot use that much hair gel if you get what I mean.
    So why they just don't run another car as a mask and other competitors disturbance but really favor only the one which has more probability in the first place, the one with more skills/money/sponsors/support?

    I bet they think like that "We are Ferrari, been in motorsports for ever like so we can always find a sheep in a second seat no problem"

    Hmm it's just all sounds so Godfather-ish for me.

    I f*****g knew it that Barichello could not be that much slower than Schumi for many years! Ok Schumi was awesome driver no doubt but that was just a perfect preliminary condition for a successful dirty setup.
    Barichello was so many years in F1 already without major success so Ferrari seat was sacred to him. Poor guy was pawn.
    Irvine was poor guy before Barichello.
    The difference between two is that Irvine didn't care that much at the time and also because Irvine had a chance to prove himself against Hakkinen after Schumi got injured 1999. Barichello is much more sensitive guy so you could read his disappointment.
    What comes to Irvine.. this wasn't fair play from Ferrari either because first half of the season Ferrari was favoring Schumi anyway! If they had given the same car to Irvine from the beginning, Hakkinen would much more in trouble.

    Another point.
    Kimi Raikkonen was super fast F1 driver - Ferrari wanted the best so they got it. Another option would be Hamilton but he is so McLaren guy as you know.
    Kimi he was also a bit too much shy, inward, ice cold-ish but anyway very honest person... well Kimi is pretty much perfect example of a young Finnish guy (I know Finnish people since lived there for years) and so he was totally from a different world than Italianos.
    Kimi being as he is, he doesn't want to play any games - he just wanted fast reliable car to race, purely compete in a car without hassle and bulls***, he doesn't need south-european sleek and stylish playboy gangsta superstar whatever image.
    Well that worked out by Kimi's rules 1st year immediately as he became world champion.
    But then I bet familia wanted to have more input and continue dominating on their way they used to with Schumi - Kimi don't fancy this so partnership started to brake apart. Well imagine how much Ferrari was fed up with Kimi's quiet and honest character, especially since Alonso got available (which is at least latino thus much more closer in (cheating?)personality than Scandinavian guy) and how much Kimi was fed up with Ferrari's (and a bit in general) F1 games? Imo Kimi played super well and took the year salary and started to have fun in other motorsports!

    One more point - why Schumi made come back after winning everything possible with Ferrari? I think Schumi he wants to win again but this time HONESTLY by working hard and SERIOUSLY COMPETING against a fast team mate with the same grade toys. I think he realized that maybe 3 or 4 of his championships came too easy because of dirty game Ferrari is playing.
    Now when Mercedes started their team, Schumi got emotional and patriotic - Mercedes it's German team which is strict honestly hard working, no bull**** in this team. Even when you look at Nico - he is cool & honest Scandinavian for real (Swedish mother and Finnish father).
    Schumi saw a chance to correct a year or two with some wins and possible championship. Of course he will grab some extra millions of euros at least even things would go wrong (as they do now because he is too old!) - and this greedy characteristic he learnt in his previous familia.


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,265 aidan_dunne

    Nothing new there, everybody knows Ferrari is the most political team in Formula 1 and has always had clear number 1 and number 2 drivers in the team. They can say all they want about how they give both drivers the same equipment and the same chances to win but everybody knows that's bull**** and always has been, they've always played favourites and anything they say to the contrary is just PR spiel. That's just how they operate, always have and probably always will, I can't see that attitude in the team changing anytime soon so I guess people just need to accept it, now matter how nasty or unsporting it might seem.

    Ask the likes of Nigel Mansell, for example, about the politics in the Ferrari team and he could tell you some stories, e.g. Prost getting the team to give him Mansell's car at Silverstone in 1990 without asking or telling Mansell first because he thought it was handling better than his own one.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,047 freestyla

    Ask the likes of Nigel Mansell, for example, about the politics in the Ferrari team and he could tell you some stories, e.g. Prost getting the team to give him Mansell's car at Silverstone in 1990 without asking or telling Mansell first because he thought it was handling better than his own one.

    Would like to hear more of these.

    I just hope others like McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, Mercedes, Renault etc would keep fair play as much as possible for sake of RACING.

    I understand some rarely occurring team orders, after over maybe half a season is gone and when another driver is so much ahead in points or so, but hate this constant favoring of "number 1" or even sabotaging number 2's car :mad:

    Well it's partly Barichellos and Massas fault too - why on earth they wanted to stick with Ferrari so many years :confused: Whats the point for their own good?
    Should give huge respect to their likes because of experience but IMHO they have always been just futile out there on a track and not achieved anything special in terms of RACING.

    I want A1 Grand Prix back!

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    freestyla wrote: »
    I want A1 Grand Prix back!
    Have a friendly word with some liquidators and you might be able to buy an interest there.