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Information about RCC membership numbers

  • 04-10-2011 12:30pm
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    I promised to post any information if I got a response from any of the diocesan/parish offices I contacted.

    I received a response from the diocese of Cork and Ross about their membership numbers.

    They have confirmed that they do not use census data to collate their figures for the diocese. However, they did confirm in that diocese that they do maintain a list of people who no longer wish to be regarded as practicing Catholics (they clarified this as meaning left the RCC).

    Information provided by them.
    Different Dioceses use different forms of collating the information. We write to each Parish annually asking them for such details as the number who received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and those that were given the Funeral Rites of the Church. We also keep a record of those who have indicated to us that they no longer wish to be regarded as practicing Catholics.
    My understanding is that in that diocese it's possible to get yourself discounted from the membership numbers.

    If you aren't a member of that diocese (which I'm not), you need to contact the relevant diocese to determine their policy for membership numbers and if they also have a list of people who have left the RCC.

    So at least within the RCC in Ireland it's possible to get yourself -1'ed from the numbers.

    EDIT: just to be clear about the spirit of the thread. This is to be about providing information about trying to yourself delisted in your diocese and any information about how they count their members (if they provide that information) in a diocese based on actual communication with said diocese.

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    Got my letter from the Archdiocese today to say their entry for me has been annotated but that I'm welcome to change my mind. :)

    I'll get onto a mate as to where he got the forms, think he downloaded them and we filled them in. Need a witness for it.