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First Time Campers

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    Hi There

    First Time young family campers (boys aged 7 & 3) :). Can any1 suggest clean campsites with fun filled activities near by ?

    Also what are the must have's for camping accessories ?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Cant help with a location but im sure a good look on google and you can find one,

    What you need tho i can help with -
    I guess you will want Airbeds and try get a pump that runs off the car as otherwise you will spend all weekend pumping the damm things

    A good camping cooker + bbq.

    Some sort of sink/basin

    Ice Boxes Coolers And some extra Ice Packs as most campsites will have a frezzer that you can re frezze em as they melt

    Torches - light etc

    First aid kit

    Windbreaker is allways a nice thing to have

    Storage Items can be hanny to have as well

    Water Containers so you dont need to keep running to a tap every 5 mins

    good sleeping bags as even if its warm irl tends to get cold at night

    Table and chairs is also good thing for comfort!

    Hope that helps

    lastly dont forget the tent pols. that hapens to so many people!