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100 Bets to broke NH Finale



  • aidankkk wrote: »
    Last 2 Bets on this tread.

    Doncaster 3:55

    Waffle: Lightly raced sort, who has some excellent for including 2nd Group 3. He looks like he will be suited by the step up to 6f having finished like a train in a 5f race over the course last year. Could be unexposed in handicaps, and is well drawn, 2 good runs of this mark or higher over 5f on the course and both time looking like further would be no harm. He is way to big on betfair at 28 to win, he is only 10-12/1 generally

    2 Points win Betfair 28.0 2 Points Place 6.2 betfair

    Dam , absolutly flew at the end.. Still 6.2 to place not bad:).. He looks one to follow but the value may be gone now after that run of 99.

  • Ok thats that tread over.. 6.4 points profit today.

    235 Points Invested 142.5 win 92.5 place

    BSP Profit 206.01 less commission of 19.6 Nett Profit of 186.41 Points
    Advised Profit 168.86 less commission 17.74 Nett 151.12 Points

    ROI 64% Advised 79% BSP

    Other Treads To date

    Tread 1 100 bets NET BSP Profit of 115.72 pts
    Tread 2 11 Bets "Heriatage Handicaps" BSP Profit of 15.08 pts
    Tread 3 103 bets Net BSP Profit of 20.25
    Tread 4 101 bets Net BSP Profit of 20.68
    Tread 5 100 Bets Net BSP Profit of 186.41

    Total Nett BSP 358.13
    Total Nett Advised 344.53

    Overall ROI for all bets 36.6%