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fave Biscuit

  • 15-01-2003 4:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 6,283 ✭✭✭ hussey

    what your fave biscuit

    mmmmmmmm Jaffa's

    Fave Bicci 43 votes

    0% 0 votes
    Hob Nobs
    41% 18 votes
    Custard Creams
    9% 4 votes
    plain digestive
    4% 2 votes
    Choc biscuit
    2% 1 vote
    11% 5 votes
    11% 5 votes
    18% 8 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 35,524 ✭✭✭✭ Gordon

    Please tell me you made a mistake and meant to put this in Food & Drink?

    Oh ye, Jaffa cakes most definately the best - but only the Jacobs ones which are more jaffa-ey. mmm

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,283 ✭✭✭ hussey

    does make more sense!

  • Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 3,129 ✭✭✭ Samson

    Fox's Classic.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 10 ✭✭✭ knockeiran

    :cool: Kibbles n bits.
    Woof, Woof !

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 16,339 tman

    they're more of a bar than a biscuit, but i just love rocky's.
    jaffa cakes are pretty nyomtastic (sorry)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,898 ✭✭✭ Washout

    Jammy Dodgers :)

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 622 darthmise

    Ahh..., what a vitally important question.
    I have been waiting 25 years for someone to ask this very question of me, and finally i have the opportunity to answer it...

    I like digestive caramels.

    ......ahh the relief.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,558 ✭✭✭ Gaz

    has to be toffy-pops ...come on , they so rule !

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 9,230 OLDYELLAR

    defo the jaffa cakes -mmmm yummy yummy

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,383 ✭✭✭✭ Stark

    chocolate chip cookies (with nuts).
    shortbread biscuits are good too, as are danish butter cookies.
    then of course there's the chocolate polo...

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,522 Dr. Loon

    Originally posted by Darth Homer
    has to be toffy-pops ...come on , they so rule !

    I agree... toffee pops are the master of all biscuits.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,005 ✭✭✭ strat

    jaffa cakse


    the mcvities ones are mank-
    i think its the jacobs that are nice, in an orange box


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,521 Kalina

    Jaffas- Jacobs, not McVities!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,880 nosmo

    Originally posted by Kalina
    Jaffas- Jacobs, not McVities!!
    YES! So much more moist and softer! Mmm..

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 651 Okie

    In no particular order....

    Jacob's Jaffa's
    Jestives (Like a cross between chocolate chip cookies and digestives)
    Mint (or orange, I suppose) Viscounts (mmmm!)
    Used to love Homewheats aswell, but haven't seen them in a while.
    Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers aren't bad, but then again it's more for the entertainment factor....bite off the top and bottom of the biscuit and you can drink* your tea through the finger like a straw!!! Taa - Daa :)

    another wonderful piece of utterly useless information brought to you by......ME :)

    *When I say "drink" I really mean, suck till your blue in the face and you look down to realize you have melted chocolate all over your hands and the soggy biscuit has plunged to his watery grave at the bottom of you mug of tea!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 484 ✭✭ ManWithThePlan

    jaffa cakes are ok.. i didn't know they were that popular!

    no one has mentioned fig rolls!!
    they're lovely!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 742 michaelanthony

    How can anyone like fox's classic. They're rotten.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,634 Kolodny

    Toffy Pops, Ginger Nuts, Custard Creams and Bourbons. Possibly Jammy Dodgers too. Biscuits are good.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,372 silverside

    fig rolls

    Chocolate kimberleys


    fig rolls are classic - after training i often gobble a pack in one go, low fat, high in slower release carbs, lovely tasting too!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,276 damnyanks

    Those maryland extra hazlenut choc chips cookies!! :D:D:D::D:D

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,299 oeNeo

    Go toffee pops!

    It's a pity you only get about 8 in a packet though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,949 SouperComputer



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 484 ✭✭ ManWithThePlan

    I can't believe fig rolls aren't even in the running!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,694 ✭✭✭ Dingatron

    Mumm! Jaffa's, foxs classic, actually all bickies!

  • Registered Users Posts: 18,955 ✭✭✭✭ byte

    Definitely Jaffa Cakes!

    Nyom nyom!! :p

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,155 SoundWave

    choc chip cookies, cant rem the brand but you could but them in the microwawe for a min and they went all chewy.... mmmmmmmmm :p

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 5,093 woosaysdan

    Boasters chocolate chip cookies OMG there the nicest biscuit i've ever tasted!!!

    oh yeah by the way how do they get the figs into the fig rolls?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,754 Big Chief

    jaffa would prolly win

    although choccie cookies (the ones with loads of choccie bits on the top) are coming in a VERY VERY close second :)