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New Jewellery website. Opinions wanted


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 9,700 ✭✭✭ tricky D

    Header is too big.

    Navigation menu would be better as text and left-aligned.

    Homepage copy is weak. Should have best products and special offers there instead of the current copy.

    Bottom of page could be better laid out and font would be better as something other than Times New Roman.

    The 4 jewellery photos have no info to give them context. They also click into new window which is better avoided. Use lightbox or highslide galleries instead.

    The Facebook has 'piece of the week' offer, why only for FB users.

    Put your address on the Contact page. People expect it there more than in about us. Better to use a generic email address eg. [email protected]. Make all email addresses mailto's.

    There's not much info on some of the product pages (eg. are they gold??) and again they open up in new windows. Again use lightbox or highslide galleries instead. Would prefer bigger thumbnails.

    Wouldn't use a guestbook, they've been overtaken by social media.

    The purchase option is PayPal only which is very limiting and can deter some customers. Also having the CC option would be much better. Bank draft/Postal Order options leave you open to fraud.

    Need delivery info.

    Under the hood:
    Layout is done using tables. Better to do this with divs for flexibility and scalability. The VistaPrint builder isn't good.
    Meta keywords have a bit too much stuffing, better to have 25 keywords max and only 3 repetitions including stems. Include alternate spellings of jewellery.
    Apart from the meta tags, which are generally ignored by the majors, there is very little SEO. Look up on the usage of headings, alt, titles, strong.


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    Header too large, also you seem to have 2 different fonts?
    Needs aligning, menu at side has too many options, it certainly wouldnt entice me to stay on the site for very long.

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    just offering you my opinion - as a "shopper" - have no knowledge of web design etc but like previous posters I feel that your header is very large and to be honest, i dont know if your colour scheme appeals and print etc is very large.

    i think it is very important too to have delivery info on site.

    after that - best of luck with your business.............:)

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    The longest domain name I have seen