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Anyone ever got in to PCI without doing their foundation course?

  • 22-07-2010 11:20am
    Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭ swanangel

    Has anyone ever got in to the degree course in PCI college without doing their foundation course?
    Their course is €1500, where as UCD & Kylemore college have an introduction to counselling course for a little over a €100

    PCI is 100 hours, where as the others are 40 or 50 but as far as I know there is not a required amount of hours you need to do to start the degree course, it's only when you get the ball rolling that you have certain set rules for hours with clients and so on.

    Can anyone explain why this is, are PCI trying to take my money just for the sake of it???


  • Some people get onto PCI's degree without having done a foundation course.

    €1,500 for any course which is 100 hours long is not excessive in the grand scheme of things, €15/hr really isn't bad.

    Both the UCD one and the Kylemore College one you mention are 20 hours long. Psychotherapy training courses tend to require that applicants have done a foundation course of a certain length. 20 hours is nowhere close to that length. SInce you are interested in PCI they claim that a 100 hour foundation course is required.

    There are cheaper introductory courses which are still substantial courses. Turning Point have a good reputation and do a 40 hour foundation course for €850:
    IICP do a 60 hour one for €1,050:

  • Thanks Hotspur :D
    Moneys tight so this will help alot :)