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Posy's reading log

  • 01-02-2010 12:07am
    Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 26,306 mod Posy

    Posy's reading log-
    This year I want to read as much classic literature as possible. Mammoth books I've always wanted to read are War and Peace and Finnegan's Wake, which is why this isn't a '50 Books in a Year' log! To my embarrassment, I've never read any Flann O'Brien and plan to rectify this. I love Dickens and want to read more of his work too.
    I have very very little free time so this I hope will motivate me to spend it reading.


  • First book on my list is 'Crime and Punishment.'
    I'll post back in a few months if I ever finish it! ;)

  • Forgot about my poor reading log. :o
    Decided against 'Crime and Punishment' and read 'Slaughterhouse Five' by Kurt Vonnegut instead. A masterpiece. :)

  • Next book I read was 'The Time Traveller's Wife.' I'd never seen the film (looks crap, to be honest!) but decided not to let the trailers I'd seen put me off the book. It was a great read, not romantic mush as I'd kind of expected (thank God!) Very sad book overall :( but I'd still recommend it as a great read.

  • In April, I ploughed through the 'Eragon' books by Christopher Paulioni. I'm not normally a fan of fantasy and must say I didn't really enjoy them that much, but stuck with them and read the three. I found the protagonist, Eragon (a young boy who finds a dragon's egg and becomes a 'dragon rider') not altogether sympathetic. The premise of the books is actually quite promising but the author (an American teenager) does not have great prose and I found the books lacking because of this. Not bad, but possibly suited to a younger reader or someone who prefers this type of genre.

  • Next on my list is 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer. Since the 'Twilight' books were a guilty pleasure of mine I'm looking forward to seeing if this book, by the same author, is any good.

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  • Read 'Kafka on the Shore' by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.
    Very enjoyable- my first dalliance with Japanese literature. I will certainly try to read something else of his at some stage. The interwoven stories- particularly those of Nakata and Kafka make it a fairly fast paced read. It has been called by some a "modern Greek tragedy." I can understand that- there is a mother/son type relationship which is a bit Oedipal. Wonderful, almost dreamy, book.

  • I have just finished reading 'Life of Pi' by Spanish born Canadian author Yann Martel.
    Fantastic book. Total fantasy about the desperate lengths someone will go to simply to survive. I think Richard Parker is amazing. Such a huge presence in the book.
    The book has a pretty satisfying ending too- overall I would recommend it, although some parts were a bit gruesome, ouch. :eek:

  • After reading a thread on this forum about Kafka's 'The Trial' I plan to buy it this weekend and start it as soon as I have some spare reading time.

    I am hesitant about reading it- dare I say it looks a little complicated and boring..?!
    But I thought 'Metamorphosis', the only other work by Kafka I have read was excellent so I'll be giving this book a shot as soon as possible. :)