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Worklog: ...another man's treasure

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    Starting off on a new project, it's been 4 years since I built my last PC and I've spent the hibernation on a laptop. It's time for a change and I picked up a good few items on adverts to start me off:

    Silverstone TJ-07 case
    Xeon X5550 processor
    Corsair Dominator 6GB RAM
    Powercolor PCS+ 5870 graphics card

    Just finished with the bottom part of the case and will post pictures soon :)


  • Finished with the bottom section... sorta

    The rad is in place, along with the PSU, and I sleeved the cables running from the front of the case.


    I put a carpet tile in the bottom of the case to reduce vibrations and mounted the rad using velcro, it fits perfectly:

    I finally got to use the old Danger Den fillport. Had this thing about 6-7 years! The case gave me tons of trouble tho, it's way too thick, I spent about 30 minutes drilling the hole for it:

    Gotta sleeve tons of cables, that's gonna be some fun. I already burnt two of my fingers :) At least Nils' girlfriend sent me an easter bunny:

  • Not much interest here so I'll just post the photos of the finished project. I've clocked the CPU up to 4.4 GHz, but for 24/7 I'm keeping it at 4.0 GHz - it requires a lot less voltage and runs much cooler.


  • Thanks for sharing :)
    Very nice single loop and exceptional cabling job, well done.
    Would appreciate posting some temperatures and voltages on your oc if you have time.

  • Hiya. To run the CPU at 4.0 GHz it requires 1.3v. To get it to 4.4 GHz stable I had to push it to 1.55v which doesn't sit too well with me for 24/7. Luckily Asus motherboard allows storing 8 different profiles, so I have all the settings available to be used on demand.

    Temperatures are 39-40C idle, 64-69C full load (8 threads LinX full memory). Prime testing gives temps of 5C less or thereabouts. These are realtemp values, BIOS values around 30C which is plain ridiculous :)

    I haven't OCed the graphics card yet, but that's coming soon. AFAIK the new PCBs have digital PWMs and don't allow adjusting voltage, so I probably won't get more than a 50-100 Mhz overclock on it, but that's ok.

    The beast runs nice and quiet, Scythe S-Flex 120mm fan was by far the loudest component in the system and it's been slowed down to 50% using the mCuber Tbalancer and now fits well. (running at about 8.4v)

    Loop parts:
    Thermochill 140.3
    Laing DDC 3.25
    EK Supreme HF
    EK 5870 FC v2
    EK Multioption 250
    DD Fillport
    Primochill LRT tubing