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Power Core Combiners


  • This:
    Category: toy action figures, toy vehicles and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms

    along with the title.

    fills me with hope for new gestalts. :)

  • Galvasean wrote: »

    along with the title.

    fills me with hope for new gestalts. :)

    sounds powerlinxy to the ears of doom...

  • Yeah, but hasn't it been done before?
    That said, Energon/Powerlinx was a good idea, if somewhat poorly executed. I'd love to see some new gestalts, but its been a very long time since Hasbro did any decent ones.

    Taking things in a slightly different direction here; the next TF movie is less than 2 years away, I'm sure they have a basic idea of what the "gimmick" for that will be, is it too early for them to be thinking about that?

  • Check it out, Huffer in da house.... and he's brought a friend!


  • there was an email in realtion to this supposedly from someone doing design work on these on one of the sites.

    the word is they basically ALL combine with each other . according to the poster the most they managed to model on a computer was a gestalt with 134 parts.

    could be bollocks but who knows.

    anyway im in two minds about this.

    on the one hand i LOVE combiners. on the other i thought the whole powerlinks thing was a load of pants . i guess when it comes to gestalts i like em of the 5 or 6 vareity , and not the fecking micro types we got that time either.

    personally id love a predacons type gestalt. i.e normal sized voyager TF that combines

    still always good to hear about a new line. maybe it ties in with the new video game too (theres a pic of one of them as a prototype toy out there somewhere. prime i think looking like a cross between a truck and a tank)

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  • Preview in Toyfare magazine.

    that combiner guy looks very Bruticus esque :)

  • A little bird told me that there will be a Superion too. While I like Superion we've had one fairly recently. It would be nice to see one of the other special teams getting a revamp instead. I mean, the Predacons are begging to be redone. With modern toy engineeering they could be all kinds of class.

  • good to see some new info on it nonetheless.

    there was a while everyone thought it was just some fan job.

    ill reserve judgement on em till we get to see more of em but looking good so far.

  • Pics of Combaticons and Aerialbots:
    Word on the street is that the limb pieces don have bot modes unfortunately :(However, they dom automorph when you plug them in which is kind of cool.

    and deluxes here:
    Apparently any deluxe robot can become a combiner torso. That could be very useful for kitbashing.

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