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Dollhouse S02E07-08 **spoilers**

  • 11-12-2009 2:29pm
    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 21,634 Richard Dower

    Here we go people!!....will the two new eps. on tonite be as stellar as last week??....lets hope so!!!



  • I'd say so :)

    Rumor has it:
    Alpha is back and we see the start of the events that lead up to the end of the world

  • Woo hoo!!!'s out, here we go!!!!!!!!

  • I think its absolutely criminal that the show's mediocrity (albeit with flashes of brilliance) has denied many many people of the best 4 episodes of this show so far. You have people who got bored during season 1 (and left before they saw Briar Rose/Omega/Epitaph One). You have people who stuck with it until Season 2, but were underwhelmed by the first 4 or 5 episodes and stopped watching.

    We are the lucky few who will see how it all ends. Pity they didn't push out this quality when it was needed most. This show might have seen 4 or 5 seasons.

  • Excellent eps. once again - but, plothole?....aka, Ballard, wasn't hi wedge in the machine? why couldn't they imprint Ballards mind back into his body?

    I'm still confused about the Echo/Alpha relationship, what is he after?....but the most intertesting part was Epitaph One progression, topher and the specs for remote imprinting. but i think the tech stems further back then Topher.

    Caroline-echo-alpha-Bennet....they all seem to predate the tech topher spec'd up. I gues we'll find out toward the end. DeWitt saved her own ass huh?....b*tch!, i could have done without saving the Mexican chick parts, but we did see her Matrix style download of new skillz to suit the situation thingy in action.

    Alpha...masterclass in being the arch nemesis, yeah it's a pity to think that Wheadon & Co. had all these great stories and eps. in them, but threw it away with the first 3 eps. of season's not like they didn't understand the pressure, the need to hit hard in season 2....Wheadon blew it imo.

    I wouldn't mind a third season on SyFy, but i think it's obvious it's all at an end.

  • Talk about going out with a bang if it does end.

    The past 4 episodes have been superb. It's a pity Dollhouse and it's running mate Terminator:TSCC decided to air the best episodes just when it's too late.

    Alpha is one snappy dresser.

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  • That was EPIC!
    After the first 3 or 4 episodes this season, I really didn't care whether it was cancelled or not, but after the last 4 episodes, I'd really love to see this show go on for a couple of more seasons... I'm thankful, we've got another 5 episodes left to see, and hopefully they'll all be on a par with the most recent episode...
    I know there's an episode coming up called
    The Attic
    , so quite looking forward to that.

  • I enjoyed them but felt they were much too rushed. Episode 7 could easily have been 2 or 3 episodes. It's sickening that we had 2 such stupid episodes to start with while the story had so much to offer.:(:mad::(

  • Really enjoyed both episodes but thought there was a bit too much Dushku in the first ep - at one stage there was at least 5 minutes of dialogue with just her and Ballard which induced a bit of a snooze in me. The whole political machinations in the Dollhouse were far more interesting than breaking the random Mexican out of the jail.

    The Alpha episode was epic, as would be expected. Although you have to wonder that given Topher's genius, that he would not have scanned Sierra Monroe for viruses after her engagement with Alpha.

    Apparently Kilo, the Asian doll who has appeared a few times lately, is Mo Tanchereon, one of the writers, and Jed Whedon's wife. There's cost savings for ya!

  • ^ aye...she's hot! of the critics over at tvbythenumbers has a big crush on her :-)

  • I loved the Sierra/Victor scene when Topher zaps them!! :-)

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