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Boxfresh's Betting System



  • Bet 1: €10 Stoke to beat Wolves @ 2.02 LOSE
    Bet 2: €20 Man City to beat Birmingham @ 1.84 LOSE
    Bet 3: €40 Valencia to beat Slavia Prague @ 2.04 LOSE

    Net profit20.71 + 40 in play

  • Box........ just an idea. Why not take 50 out every time you get to more than 50 profit and start again. If you did that I reckon you would get to 500 or 600 profit a lot quicker.

  • Banking it isn't going to make any difference. It'll just mean he has to keep reloading.

    When using the Martingale system you have to have an infinite (or thereabouts!) bank to recoup losses... more info here.

    I admire your work ethic here boxfresh but I reckon that, eventually, the system is just a laborious way to bust a bank. If you get a good run and quit it well then fair play to you but remember, for every good swing there's a bad one. The ginormous bank buffers you a bit but eventually it'll even out.

  • I think he said he could afford 6 losers with his bank... 10-20-40-80-160-320........ so thats 630. So if every time he got to 680 he took his 50 profit it wouldnt make any difference to his bank because his banks busts after 6 losers anyway...... his 7th bet would have to be 640 to maintain the sequence, if you see what I mean. So if his target was just to win 50 he could do that without much trouble and continue to do it over and over until he hits 6 losers.

  • I think I'll finish up with this soon, I'm starting to get a bit bored of it now to be honest. It is only virtual money after all and the only reason I started it was to test it out.
    I think it went good enough. My worst losing streak was 4 in a row but if I was to have another 2 or 3 losers after that I would be in bother.

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