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Pintalk: Bowlers off-topic thread

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    Well it's about time we had an off-topic thread here for general discussion. So when was the last time people here actually bowled? For me it was two weeks ago in my league but I know I had only bowled about five or six times in the last ten years before that.


  • Did anyone see that Justin 'whatsisname" guy on Sky recently? He went to the States and joined the PBA and went on the road as a pro. I don't thing the fellah broke 100 in any game they showed. What an absolute pillock. This guy didn't even have a hook and went on the pro tour with a 15 pound ball and all the "gear". I didnt see the start of the programme but I think he got a few minutes coaching on how to hook the ball. Awful stuff really.

  • That'd be Justin Lee Collins :) I didn't see it and it doesn't look like it's going to be shown on any channels that I receive in the near future either...

    It's not on Youtube or other streaming services that I frequent. Pity as I'd love to see it :) I generally like JLC but that programme sounds hilarious. If only it were as easy as getting a few lessons, a ball and then 'making it' on the PBA tour :D

    Our new league started last week, we narrowly avoided coming last in the last league (one of our players is 72 and has bad arthritis in his hands :)) but we have a couple of players who should be able to bowl more frequently now so with any luck, this season we'll be mid-ranking.

  • Resurrecting an old thread to post my AWESOME new purchases :p



  • Ha ha. That's funny! Nice shirts, me likely...