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Welcome to Paleontology

  • 22-07-2008 2:03pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 15,553 ✭✭✭✭ GuanYin

    Welcome :)

    Grimes will have a Charter up soon. Until then I expect everyone to follow the general rules of boards and behave :)

    Also, first post (my first one ever!!)


  • DAMMIT!!!! I shoulda posted when I saw this originally :(

    Okay I'll settle for SECOND POST!!!!!!!!

    First = worst
    Second = best

  • :cool: Hi guys, expect me to be moderating this forum within a year.

  • Galvasean wrote: »
    :cool: Hi guys, expect me to be moderating this forum within a year.


  • I just reckon my encyclopedic knowledge on the dinosauria will put me in poll position to be added as moderator when the forum explodes to titanosauric proportions in a well deserved fashion. I mean lets be honest, everyone loves a T.rex.
    Excuse my arrogance.

  • eh Palaeontology

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  • eh Palaeontology

    Only in Europe ;)

    I'm an American, in america so I naturally entered the name our way. It can be changed if Grimes wants it so :)

  • It probably should TBH. after all.

  • Perhaps it should be changed. Lest Galvasean use it to get one up on me :D

  • You know Grimes, you could use your Indiana Jones sig for the palaeontology forum instead of archaeology. Indy is based off of Roy Chapman Andrews who is much better known for his palaeontology exploits... that and dynamite.

  • I think this forum needs to advertise! Should be easy enough- sigs with dinosaurs always attract attention.

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  • my photoshop is down at the moment but as soon as I can Ill get a few sigs up

  • I suppose I could make a few. Photobucket allows photo manipulation now. Text etc. What are the exact size limitations for sigs again?

  • damn, I have a pretty groovy one here but can't get the size too good :(

  • Cheers Dave! Mind if I resize it for you and repost it in the sigs thread?

  • No probs, see if you can get it better than this......

  • ross-geller-20676.jpg


    It's a misspelling pure and simple from my perspective.

  • Wow, can you believe Pheobe nearly convinced him to relax Darwins theory in order to be accepted?

  • didnt want to hijack any other thread, thaught it would be most suitable for here,

    now that the blasphemy law is coming into force (again)....will this forum be made illegal as it goes against the word of god.....and as a result is blasphemous!

  • I'm guessing the Atheism & Agnosticism forum will get done before this one. That will give me enough time to pack my bags and jet off to the Alberta Canada, home of secularism and Tyrannosaurus rex!

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  • My archaeology forum would probably be in the firing line as well. Pants.

  • ah hell they will end up having to delete the science forum as a whole....the only science is the will of god!


  • Okay, let's back up a bit. I don't want us getting bogged down in a discussion about religion.

    So yeah... where was I....

    Welcome to Palaeontology!

  • hey Guys, Thought I'd introduce myself, real name is Paul.
    been reading here on and off the last while, aim to post a bit more & hope I can contribute.

  • I'm also new to this forum. Hello, you can call me Broken Jaw. I'm quite eager, to explore this beautiful forum.