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Charter please read **updated 19/2/11**

  • 11-04-2004 5:29pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 2,204 bug

    Hi and welcome to the Paranormal Board.
    The function of this board is to provide a place for those who have a keen interest in the paranormal to discuss paranormal happenings and their own paranormal experiences.
    As such, the function of this forum is not primarily to debate and debunk theories but to give paranormal "believers" a voice, and also to provide some interesting late night reading material for the general boards community
    Feel free to post up links on the stickied thread to articles or subjects which you think may benefit the readers.

    Some rules:
    1 As I have already stated this forum is for those that have an interest in the paranormal as such disparaging statements against posters for voicing their beliefs are not welcome.

    2 Please be careful with the links you provide, make sure their aren't ample pop-ups or that the links dont lead to porn web pages etc.

    3 The usual rules for boards forums apply here, no flaming, trolling, personal abuse or insults

    4 Do not debate moderator decisions in a thread under any circumstances. PM the mod for further discussion.

    There will be zero-tolerance for any poster in violation of the first rule

    Regarding sceptical debate on Paranormal issues

    Sceptical debate and discussion is restricted solely and specifically to threads where the original poster has asked for explanation or discussion on phenomenological issues or events.

    The following rules apply to these threads.

    1 ALL belief in the paranormal will be respected.

    2 No demands for proof of paranormal validity.

    3 No hijacking threads - straying from the topic will not be tolerated.

    4 If you wish to debate in a more skeptical way, you should post in the skeptics corner.

    5 All requests for phone numbers should be made in the Directory thread. All such requests placed in other threads will be moved or deleted

    There will be a zero-tolerance policy enforced on these rules.

    Ban severity will be at the moderators discretion


  • All looks good to me Bug. And welcome all to the Paranormal forum, if you have anything to share then it will be gladly appreciated, if not then please feel free to browse but as has been said above do not go putting down other peoples opinions just because you do not agree.

    Happy posting.


  • Updated by me to allow debate and discussion on paranormal events.

  • Charter update - active 16/01/06.

    Please familiarise with the update.

  • psi wrote:
    Due to a mass break out of childishness and bitchiness in this forum there will be a zero tolerance approach to forum chater violations for the forseeable future.

    This means that instead of my usual policy of telling off>warning>banning, I will ban first ask questions later for any charter violations I see. This will include edited/deleted comments, which I can still read, so don't think that retracting something after posting it will carry any weight.

    I'm sorry it has had to come to this.

    Comments, feedback welcome.

    The deletion of the 'Zero Tolerance' sticky should not be taken to mean that there will be any increased tolerance of charter violations, I'm just freeing up some room.

  • As a temporary measure I've copied over the charter from the main paranormal forum. This should be considered to be in effect untill a new charter is created. And of course standard site rules etc apply.

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  • Because this forum is often used to pass on information about psychic and medium readers, I would like to remind people not to post phone numbers or contact information in a thread. Please use pm's.

This discussion has been closed.