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Need some suggestions....

  • 26-10-2007 1:21pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 333 ✭✭ Ger_Hankey

    ...for TF names. I'm doing a fan comic (set here in Ireland) with mostly new characters in it and I need some suggestions for names for one or two I'm stuck on. Ill give you a quick outline of the characters & see what you think:


    1. Silver Giant Deer. Uses his antlers as a bow in robot mode. Noble & reserved. He has been on Earth for over a thousand years with no idea there were other Transformers here.

    2. Helicpoter, Ninja style character. Can't talk at all. Scares both sides by how good he is at his job.

    1. Armoured Personell Carrier. Typical Decepticon Thug. All action & no brains. A fan of big guns.

    2. Chopper-style motorbike. Sneaky, loud-mouth little runt. Annoys everybody he comes in contact with. All the other cons hate him cause he thinks he is more important than he is.

    There are three other new characters in the comic (I have those sorted), as well as one or two familiar faces. I'll post profiles of them in the fan art section when I have them done.

    Thanks for the help!!


  • Autobot 1: You could go with some variant of Cervus Argento (pretty much latin for Silver Deer). change it around a little, but theres gotta be some kind of variant you could come up with for it. Or for a laugh Buck Rodimus (ie buck rogers for those too young too remember :o)

    Autobot 2: maybe Antitorque or Fenestron (its a type of rotor system on some experimental helicopters as far as i know), maybe incorporate the word Tetsu (meaning Iron), or Genin (ninja agent) or Henka (meaning Variation, ie transform)

    Decepticon 1: Blastzone or Wreckage (???)

    Decepticon 2: Pauly Teutalcon :p, or Backfire, Flywheel or Overboost

    hope that points you in the right direction?

  • Autobot 1:Lord Mutton

    Autobot 2: Air Shadow

    Decepticon 1:Pump up

    Decepticon 2:Anto

  • Well some of those are definitely... interesting. Thanks.

    Actually I've come up with a couple of names for the Decepticons on my own. The APC one will be called "Seige" and the motorbike is "Weasel". Still looking for names for the Autobots, but "Lord Mutton" definitely has a ring to it....

  • I like Siege and weasel.
    I would have gone with Sliverbolt for the elk if it wasn't so used in the transformer universe. How about BUCKSHOT!

    A Ninja helicopter is proving harder. althou Sky shadow isn't a bad one.
    Shadowstorm would also be worth borrowing.