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Pro Evo Charter

  • 26-11-2004 10:35pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 20,346 KdjaCL

    Welcome to Pro Evo land.

    1. Warez
    The posting of information which can cause the illegal copying of games is not allowed. This includes serial keys, crack files or actual copied CDs or CD files.
    2. Stay On Topic
    Posts on threads in general should also be in keeping with the general topic of that thread.

    Please do not post Private Messages to another user through the board. features a Private Messaging function which will allow you to send a private message to another user. You can access the Private Messaging pages here or by going into your User CP.

    3. Play Nice
    Try and be civil. Arguments are expected and so is a bit of slagging but there is a line and we dont want you to cross it. Flamewars and excessive spamming will not be tolerated. If you do cross the line you will be given a nice little warning by PM.

    If you have any problems with a post or thread you can use the "Report" link on the bottom of each post. This will notify the moderators of the Board of a post and/or user that you may find offensive. We will deal with the problem as quick as possible.

    4. Newbies
    First of all, if you are a noobie to take a quick look at the Newbie FAQ forum for any question you may have, and welcome. For all other users, please refrain from any Newbie bashing. Nobody likes someone who picks on a Newbie and also remember you were one too.

    5. Cheats And 'Cheat Bugs'
    We do not want to see any Cheats or 'Cheat Bugs' being posted or linked to on the site. Period. Any posting of cheats or 'Cheat Bugs' will result in either a strong warning or immediate ban. Nobody likes a cheater.

    7. Game Tonight?
    This will be filled in soon.

    /ripped from BF forum until i make one more appropiate.