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Paul McGrath

  • 28-10-2006 8:09pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,085 wow sierra

    What a Legend. Watching him defend like his life depended on it in the Giant Stadium is my favourite football memory. Simply awesome - seemed to have powers of bi-location.He was one of the best footballers we ever had and the hardest working. Yet he is so modest about his achievements.

    But thats only half the story - listening to the interviews he has been doing for his new book it is hard to believe all he has had to endure in life. Yet he shows no bitterness, no whinging - hes a real gentleman. He gave us Ireland fans years of joy - Thanks Paul.


  • No doubt about it. Yep, he is a fighter to the end alright.

  • True Legend
    Nearly finished reading his new book and i have nothing but respect for him.
    One of the best players ever for Ireland and one of the most modest & honest men to come out of Ireland

  • Truely a Legend, IMO.

  • very good player,could have been so much more only for the drink

  • Didn't he beat his wife or some sh!t?

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  • Be it known to ye all, the legend that is Paul McGrath has been on the wagon since the start of the year and is playing five-a-side footie in Waterford every week along with Wexford Youths FC manager Mick Wallace. They are intending to set up a five-a-side league in Wexford (McGrath lives outside Ferns), probably based at the Newcastle complex (Wallace Stadium) outside Wexford town.

  • a legend.. we love you paul!