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Black Sabbath + Motorhead, Dalymount Park 1983


  • He! God be with the days when hairy blokes could gather in front of stack of Marshal amps and listen to a stream of ROCK music, none of this 'something for everyone' crap like today. :D


    ps Gillan joining the Sabs was a strange move I thought.

  • Excellent link :D

  • Thats class.

  • Australian Black Sabbath are playing the voodoo lounge in Dublin on May 5th.
    heres there webpage. few mp3's on there

  • LOL, at first I thought that was a load of Bohs and Shamrock Rovers fans on the pitch.

    Cool link.

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  • I was at it. Great day. He's not kidding about Motorhead. To this day, it was the loudest thing I"ve heard. Twisted Sister were brilliant. You could hear them halfway across Dublin. The Sunday World headline the next day was

    'Mothers Day at Dalymount'


  • Was the headline set during daylight hours? Mad...

    Mind you, Metallica will be pretty much during daylight hours next month...

    Gillan appeared with Sabbath at Reading that year, legend has it that he didn't know all the lyrics so had them on cue cards on the stage floor. But when the gig began, the dry ice came on & covered the cards! ;)

    Different era indeed, blue denim everywhere & the damp old main stand at Dalymount park...

  • I was there too and managed to get bakstage too and get a few autographs.
    Had a good chat with Lemmy too.:D

    I remember Anvil came out into the crowd to watch Sabbath.

  • I was at this as well! Only my second ever gig and an incredible day out (this was 1983 and while Iron Maiden were even touring Poland, they didn't come to Ireland, so that gives you an idea how starved of major names we were!).

    I missed most of Mama's Boys set as well, although I did get to see them the following year in the SFX. Diamond Head were supposed to play next, but they definitely didn't, I think the story about their equipment being impounded or whatever is right. I was disappointed because I'd heard they were good, but hadn't got any of their albums at that stage. Anvil were great, I was a fan at the time (anyone else heard Metal On Metal?) and to see Lips playing a Flying V with a large vibrator in Dublin (contraception was still banned, don't forget) was pure theatre.

    Best band of the day, though, were Twisted Sister, they blew everyone else away. I have vivid memories of Dee Snider exhorting the people in the stands to get up and "stop lighting your penises!" There was also a storming crowd singalong cover of the Stones' It's Only Rock'n'Roll. Motorhead that day were and still are the loudest thing I've ever heard. It was like being physically kicked in the head to listen to them. Finally Deep Sabbath played, I was a fan of Sabbath but wasn't familiar with the Born Again album, but there was enough classic Sabs as well as Smoke On The Water to keep me happy.

    Aaah, the memories!!

  • Blastman -

    Thanks for the recap! I was there also and yes TS blew everyone away and Motorhead were a _lot_ louder than everyone else!

    There was a great picture the next day in one of the papers of Dee Snider + the lord mayor of Dublin - Dee in a Mikey Mouse T shirt and the mayor with his chain!

    My father was in Dublin Airport that night and got a bunch of autographs from BS and Motorhead, went up them and asked if they were "Black Head" (FYI Lemme signs his full name Ian Kilmaster, which took me a few days to work out who it was)!


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