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How much is my computer worth?

  • 23-11-2005 9:09am
    Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 37,485 mod Khannie

    Post in this thread if you would like the boardsters opinion on the value of your computer before you put it up for sale. Any threads in the main forum will be deleted.

    Thank you. Come again.



  • about €3500

  • Ginger wrote:

    MSI K8N Diamond (nForce 4 SLI) Board
    AMD64 X2 4400+
    4* 1GB PC3200 RAM Crucial
    4* 300GB SATA Maxtor Diamond 10
    1* 120GB IBM Deskstar
    1* 120GB Maxtor Diamond 9
    2* Gainword 7800GT 256MB
    1* Terratec DMX Fire 24/96
    Dell 2005FPW
    Creative 5700 5.1 Speakers
    Thermaltake Xaser III case

    Think thats whats in it :P

    So thats p3 450mhz, 128mb ram, 10gb hard drive and a 14"CRT yeah?

  • Hahaha !!! your a mean fecker haha :D

  • Teehee unless I can be proven wrong 4x1gb dont work on AMD 64 due to a bug in the memory controller ;p
    See random info does come in handy.

  • Consider yourself proven wrong master ..

    4 GB registered in the BIOS and 4GB registered in the OS...

    Easy when you know what you are doing :P

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  • What bios you running?
    EDIT: Yup Im wrong Im too used to overclocking, ya cant run it at 1T command clocks :v:
    Nice system man!!! Pics??!

  • Oh and value? Bout 2500or so Id say.

  • yeah i need pics of this :O and are you actually considering selling this or just wanna know how much its worth?

  • I think what you are thinking about is that 4GB cant be registered in the BIOS normally without remapping...

    4GB is the limit for memory and devices.. The BIOS reserves a certain amount for system devices. So if you start the machine with few components it will leave more RAM availible to the OS. Add components and it decreases..

    I am using (i think) an Award BIOS V1.7 for MS-7100

    To get 4GB in the BIOS either remap the part above 3GB to above 4Gb but you need a 64Bit OS or an OS that can use above the 32Bit range such as Windows 2000 Server with 36bit or 48bit adresssing or Windows XP64/2003 64

    EDIT And nope not selling .. I was just whipping it out because thats the point of this thread isnt it :P

  • Crap.. I just read what Khannie said.. its before you put it up for sale.. whoops thats what I get for reading stuff while doing something else

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  • Right but I do need an estimation on this one

    MSI KT800 (MS-6093) Board (VIA Chipset)
    Athlon XP 2400+
    1.5GB PC2700
    Creative Ti4400 128MB
    2*120GB Hard disks
    450W PSU
    17" CRT

    No case/mouse/keyboard

    Onboard AC97 Sound

    Spare Netgear 10/100 Nic
    PCI Sil0680 IDE Controller

  • Bout 450-500euro. Ok graphics decent HDD and RAM. No case means It'll only go on parts so thats variable.

  • Might just rebuild it then as a spare machine ...

  • They make great servers etc.. Throw a few useful things on it use it as a fileserver or something.

  • How about this machine:

    Athlon T-Bird 1200mhz
    576 MB RAM
    40 Gigs HDD
    128 Meg FX5200
    10/100 NIC
    Plextor 16x DVD-ROM
    Some soundcard.... probably Soundblaster Live.

    No Screen with it.

  • 250or so Id say?

  • Howdy All

    Just curious as to how much this is worth?

    Dell Dimension 4600
    Intel P4 3.06Ghz (Ht)
    1.5 Gb Ram
    2 x Hitachi 80Gb Hdd
    256Mb Ati Radeon Agp 9250
    Creative 7.1 24bit sound card
    Samsung 52x CdRom
    Nec 3540 16x Dl DvdRw
    10/100 Ethernet
    17" Lcd screen
    Floppy Drive

  • Graphics lets it down. I'd say....500+ (because of the lcd).

  • Ahh crap. Paid €1400 for it 2 yrs ago:(
    What Agp card would be best to get? €150-€200?

  • A craptastic machine I wouldn't mind getting rid of... because a Mac Mini wouid be nice.
    (Packard Bell, can't remember the model number, just under 3 years old but hasn't been used since I got my iBook 5 months ago)
    Pentium 4 2.0GHz
    256MB RAM
    64MB SIS integrated graphics
    40GB HDD
    DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive
    Floppy drive (has a floppy disc stuck in it :()
    17" CRT monitor
    Running Windows XP Home

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  • Bout 150-200or so.

  • 64mb integrated SiS......*shudder*

    Anyway, here's my current machine, looking to basically hang onto it for another month or two, then sell it about January or February before getting a new amd system.

    3.4ghz with HT
    1gb Samsung ddr2 533mhz ram
    256mb Sapphire ati x800 PCI-E
    160gb sata 7200rpm HD
    Motherboard is a generic dell one....hence why I can't really upgrade this all that well. It supports ddr2 rm and pci-e though.
    6 x usb ports
    Onboard sound
    Nec 16x dvd-rw
    Not sure of make but another dvd-rom drive.

    How much worth? I plan selling this early nextyear to go down the amd last :D

  • Bout 800or so maybe a litle more?
    Someone else wanna help with these!!!
    Masteroftherealm enterprises valuing for a living

  • just curious...

    AMD 3000+ (754)
    6600GT 128MB graphics card
    1 gig RAM (2*512MB twinmoss)
    160 sata hdd 7200rpm
    ASUS X series mobo
    Ben-q dvd/rw
    Floppy Diskdrive
    350W PSU

  • quick valuation please lads...

    Dell Dimension 4600
    3.06ghz P4 (533Mhz fsb) HT
    512mb ram pc2700
    GeForce 6800gt
    200gig ide
    Nec dvd burner
    keyboard, optical mouse
    17" crt
    2.1 Harmon Kardon Speakers (60watt sub 10W monitors)
    3.5inch floppy
    56k modem


  • Dell Dimension 8100 P4 1.7ghz
    512 mb RDRAM
    ATI Radeon 9800 256mb GPU
    Seagate Barracuda 200gb HDD
    Combi DVD/CD Burner

    17" CRT

    MS Explorer Wireless Mouse
    56k Modem

    Complete with Windows XP SP2 Discs


  • hi, does anyone know how much the following would be worth:

    2400 amd xp
    1 gig ddr
    2X 80g hdd
    creative audigy sound card
    plextor 42X cdr
    LG dvdr
    samsund dvd
    kx7 raid m/board
    server case
    400w psu

    anyone know how much its worth :confused:

    Cheers :v:

  • ^^ no mention of OS? Probably would help it a bit better...Also any lcd/monitor with it or Graphics card? As it is now you would probably get 250

  • win 2k

    no monitor

    & needs graphics

    pretty much base on its own!

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  • 2.8 Celeron
    XP Home
    256 Ram
    80 Gig HD
    DVD reader
    17' Flat LCD