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How to add spoiler tags, edit posts, add images etc. How to - a user's guide to the new version of Boards

Charter: Read before you post: Updated 06/07/11

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    If you engage in any of the following you will be infracted/banned:

    > name-calling or insulting other users
    > spamming, shilling or using the forum to conduct free market
    > posting links to porn or illegal stuff
    > off-topic or irc-type conversations
    > trolling/flaming
    > posting in an overly aggressive or offensive manner about people
    including celebrities, etc
    > impeding the functioning of this forum in any other way
    > encouraging the purchase of fake goods in any way, it is illegal
    > calling an item of clothing or style or grooming choice 'gay', etc. The way one dresses does not define sexual preferences
    > selling/swapping clothes or accessories. Try
    > surveys - please ask a moderator's permission before posting a survey. even then, it is at the discretion of the moderator.
    > please use the Useful Threads sticky to find threads about popular topics
    > do not quote pictures in the Latest Purchases and Nail Polish threads specifically, and please try and refrain from it on all other threads. It creates clutter.
    Length of bans are at the moderator's discretion.

    Job Offers: If you wish to advertise a job that is related to fashion then you may start a thread. This thread will then be locked and users will be instructed to PM you regarding the job.

    Having issues with a Mod? Read the Dispute resolution procedure.
    Mods: Bobblehead Panda; Twee.; dudara
    CMods: humanji, Micky Dolenz, The Hill Billy

    If you are having problems using the forum, PM one of the above mods.


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