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  • 07-06-2005 9:09pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 3,642 andyman

    In my opinion a legend as anyine in the soccer forum would know.

    His speculation is bang-on most of the time.

    Is Bannor a Legend? 21 votes

    ButcherOfNogThanx 4 The FishDont be at yourselfkaimeraChucky the treeGuy:Incognitojesus_thats_grep.peteBig EarsIrishMikeyom 1_blank_Dub13DoctorEdgeWildandymanDavid19Jazzyseabeelooderfred funk }{ 21 votes


  • who?

  • Nay
    If your in the soccer forum you would know who he is

  • I'm not, so please elaborate.

  • Nay
    Of course,

    Bannor has named many transfer situations and most have been correct. He even mentioned speculation before the team involved has got a chance to on a couple of occasions.

    Anyone from the soccer forum can back me up on this.

  • I'll deffo back you up on this. Where is he now when we need him ?

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  • Nay
    Yea. We miss him. He was bang on about the Pennant transfer aswell.

  • Nay
    bannor is definatly a legen. does anybody remember the where is banno sign last year??- it was like the old batman one!

  • Race Banner... what a King. Pity Dr. Quest is such a p*ssy.

  • Legend of the Soccer boards perhaps... hardly a site-wide legend...

    /gets his coat...