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internet connection

  • 28-03-1999 4:41pm
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    how do you get your net connection in linux(redhat if it makes a difference) configured/set up.I've done just about everything else and finding the thing is doing my fcuking head in.


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    ok the easy way to do it is using ppp-on..

    you can download the scripts needed from

    just get the files needed for your isp,
    files needed are the ppp-on, ppp-on-dialer and ppp-off to kill the connection..

    when you have the files play them in the /etc/ppp directory and chmod +x them

    then edit them using pico and change the phonenumber, username and passwd, the passwd will appear in writing so um make sure no one see's you typin it smile.gif...

    then make sure you`ve a link from your cdrom, /dev/modem, and then check the speed in ppp-on, then to start a connection just type /etc/ppp/ppp-on

    its writen in the how-to's me thinks, and you can use dialers like minicom to do all this for you. but that above should work.. also has a little how-to..hope this helps...oh and this months pc-plus tells you how its done too smile.gif.


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    thanks for the help ronin

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    First things first... sure the modem works??
    if its pnp youll need to set it to non-pnp or use isapnp ( read the manpage) If its a WINMODEM your screwed unfortunately.. If it's PCI its nearly 90% definite it wont work as most of them are memory mapped or winmodems and theres no drivers....
    A nice isa modem with jumpers or an external is ideal for linux. Winmodems use CPU instead of hardware for dsp so they suck ..bigtime.. . Providing the modems ok . try running netconf or grab a copy of pppsetup ( search or else edit the scripts by hand as Ronin suggests.
    Good luck smile.gif