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Game on!!!

  • 23-04-2001 10:12am
    Moderators, Category Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 6,266 mod MiCr0

    time for the "nastyness" to begin


  • Yip away we go into the wild black yonder. Or is that Oblivion. Oh well. 5 hours form now back on-line for another build session and again 8 hours after that. Next ones are 5pm and 1am GMT I think.

  • Good luck to everyone smile.gif

  • news just in
    the galaxy is to be reshuffled

  • Yea, everybody will move down a fair few clusters so all these paralell alliances will fall flat on their faces (Yay, more targets! biggrin.gif ) smile.gif

    UP DA DUBS!! :)

    I gota just live on the computer now for a good few day's, so i can't get all my construction and research off to a good start smile.gif
    no sleeping for me hehe

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