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The 2 Johnnies are leaving 2FM



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    i dont think it will work out that way for them, the reason 2fm picked them up and why it was a big story was because they already had a very successful podcast, with subscribers. they have left for the same reason. I dont think even Dan Healy is doing the "you'll fail without me!!!" line to them on their leaving.

    What RTE could do, though, is to create a dedicated commercial podcast platform like BBC Sounds - non funded by the license fee maybe even by a separate wholly owned company and so all those declarations on outside income wouldn't be needed - and get the likes of Jen Z and DG to do podcasts there.

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    Would any of the podcasters want to share any of the income from the podcasts with RTE. Doubt it.

    At least in the case of The Two Johnnies.They were resonably successful on their own. They built up a following that RTE hopped would tune in to their radio show. All the radio show did was drive traffic to their podcast.

    Doireann is a little different. I belive she started with Instagram/TikTok/Snapchat with a so so following and was picked up by RTE to make skits and shows for the player. Then gave her bigger and bigger projects. Where RTE messed up was with RTE building up her profile, then letting her do her side gigs and let her use RTE to promotote them. They should have tied her side projects to purely RTE stuff when they had her sign on board. No podcast, no live shows, etc. Unless they were tied to RTE.

    Same with Lottie Ryan and Jennifer Z. Sure you can do a podcast. But under the RTE umbrella.

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    It's a sign of how out of touch and complacent the running of RTE has been when they left presenters to their devices in relation to social media. As you say the side projects needed to be stopped or incorporated into the RTE system. It's a different media landscape now and the situation of Dee Forbes repeatedly looking for money to keep the ship afloat was never sustainable. The station will have to focus on what its good at and the recent departures is a sign It's becoming a leaner operation.

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    Can’t believe young people go to 3 arena to watch these fellas do a podcast and some type of a show. I guess it is the same people who go to Roddy Bolands in their gaa shirts.

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    Absolutely. Any public sector body will have rules about conflicts of interests and relationship which you may have with other parties. Just because it's radio and these Z-listers think they are above it makes no difference.

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    I know it seems strange. Maybe we are out of touch but I recently went along to an Alan Clarke show and I was left bemused after it. I thought he would have a big section of it for his own act but it turned out he was just an MC for various separate acts that he pulled together. Felt more like a variety show. A full house of 3000 so hard to argue with that but I felt it was something I wouldn't bother with again.

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    RTE don't own them, they/their companies are paid an amount to produce a set amount of content for RTE. As long as there's no obvious conflict of interests the side projects/social media are their personal business. I think it's weird to think any employer would have overarching influence into someone private activities. Would RTE be willing to pay them the fees to produce Additional podcasts . I doubt it.

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    These things work both ways too… the 2 Johnnies would have brought a lot of people with them to RTE given their following. Same goes for Doireann, if you're in her demographic and you enjoy following her on Instagram, chances are you'll listen to her over Ian Dempsey when sticking on the radio.

    A lot of bitterness in some of these comments I think. Do people expect presenters to turn away sponsorship opportunities or freebies? A perk of your job is exactly that, a perk… and comes with the territory when you get to a certain level of visibility.

    If RTE are changing the rules, then that's up to them and the presenters can respond accordingly. It seems to me that they are.

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    I might not have been clear in my comment. I was replying to an earlier comment where the poster suggested that The Two Johnnies, Doireann and Jen Z should all be producing podcasts through an RTE owned medium similar to BBC sounds.

    Under those circumstances RTE would be footing the cost of the podcast.

    My point is that RTE by and large and taking people. Then spending licence fee money building them a profile. Only for the presenter once they have a large enough profile to launch products like podcasts that compete with RTE for advertising.

    What I am suggesting is that RTE should go back to the old way of hiring presenters as staff not contractors. That way someone who RTE has spent the best part of a decade creating a profile for. Cannot just walk away and set up a podcast or whatever.

    This is an odd comment.

    " I think it's weird to think any employer would have overarching influence into someone private activities".

    You realise that most companies have clauses in their contract that any IP you create while you are working for them belongs to them. Regardless of what the IP relates to. For instance if I work in banking and create a sports platform. Under the terms of my contract my employer would own all the ip relating to the platform. They can decide to enforce that or not.

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    What is it they say. You will never go broke playing to the lowest common demominator. I think their material is trash. But they do it better then any of the other GAA/Breakfast roll crowd. Gotta respect the hustle.

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    Thats incorrect. RTE have the right to ensure they know of what arrangements each contractor have.

    It makes me think that perhaps zamperelli, Geraghty and the two lads have some serious conflicting arrangements whilst being present on 2fm.

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    BBC sounds makes no commerical money so I don't know how RTE could do it, some of the bbc sounds poscasts are C rate irish stars, if RTE created similar content I think most people on here would have the pitchforks out.

    The presenters build a profile and build the stations ratings which is their part of the deal, and to be honest the 2 fm brand is worth very little, those that left had profiles long before joining the station. Ask your average person on thee street who Tracy Clifford is, sure everyone must know her since 2fm built her profile…..

    "hiring presenters as staff not contractors"- the possibility of having underperforming staff on the book forever sounds like a great plan.

    Anyway the podcasts are owned by the creators and have nothing to do with RTE.

    Off course an employer owns IP developed when working for employer on company time/resources.

    Could you provide me of an example were an product was developed in an employees private time/resources/computers and then subsequent claimed by an employer? if it as common as you claim…..

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    What conflict of interest do you think they could possibly have? Like whats a serious conflicting arrangement in your eyes?

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    And one of them tried to mock Ray Darcy during that interview.

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    Commercial arrangements with the sponsor perhaps. Other arrangements with advertisers during their show maybe. Regardless of whether it is above board it needs to be declared. Or else it isnt above board. We'll never find out though.

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    She's insufferable - on today about the new love island starting. It's not diverse enough for Lottie. I thought to myself she's saying all the right stuff, give her the gig rte!

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    She is the very proof of the type of nepotism that makes RTE irrelevant.

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    Without naming names. I can think of one RTE lifer who does a lot of work for the GAA outside or RTE. They are very reluctant to critize the GAA on air and ofter push back when other presenters do.

  • Is that old chestnut not defunct at this stage? She may have gotten in the door via her old man but he’s dead nearly 15 years at this stage. She’s not even an employee just a contractor.

    As far as I am aware dan Healy wasn’t even with Rte when Gerry was there. I can’t understand how you would associate nepotism to her still being there. One thing 2fm is good at is getting rid of staff, she must be doing something right to stop be there.

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    It wasn't my suggestion. I don't think it is a good idea either.

    I am not able to share private contracts. But if we were to take a stray poll here. I am sure we would find that most people have that clause written into their contract. Any IP created during the time you are employed by a company including in personal time belongs to the company.

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    Not true to say RTE is irrelevant. 2FM may not be getting the numbers it would like but RTE 1 shows are still kicking ass with listening figures.

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    I think parts of this thread are a good metaphor for what's wrong with 2fm. The 2 Johnnies aren't the hustle anymore, 2fm itself is the hustle.

    The 2 Johnnies were a legitimate commercial concern before 2fm, 2fm is a dying entity propped up by a tax.

    Young people don't want 2fm and they don't want radio. They want the 2 Johnnies and Spotify. This is only going in one direction.

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    Well there was some talk about how if they ended up drained from too much work (at 2fm) then they wouldn’t be able to give a good show. On that note the other Johnny mentioned Ray. Brendan wasn’t having any of it and the Johnny tried to take it back, saying “we love Ray”.

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    I suppose you mean that person that forgot the car they were driving was a loaner which, to be fair, is totally understandable since they had it for so long. Luckily they remembered to give it back just in time.

    Certainly it always seems like the GAA need to give them fair warning before they crap because they’re wedged so far up the GAAs hole!

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  • Hello adult with discussion skills of a 5 year old

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    I forget which show it was mentioned on, but it's the format of the show that people like, rather than the personality. If you swapped out presenters of the likes of say Morning Ireland with other competent presenters, people would still tune in.

    The two boys were just using RTE as a vehicle for their self promotion, and when that no longer suited, they were gone.

    Maybe, in time, they can hit the Mrs Browns Boys sweet spot and make a cottage industry out of telling the same jokes again and again.

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    Just looking objectively at Lottie, I would say her bosses mustn't think she is any good either because she no longer has her own show or even gets fill-in work, her only role of reading entertainment news (and she's not the only entertainment news reader) is very much a luxury job that only 2fm can have thanks to it's annual bailout from the licence fee. The entertainment news readers would only be the tip of the iceberg of the bloat within 2fm.