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  • 17-03-2024 3:00pm
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    Well, if you can’t agree on the house or living arrangements then a court will have to decide that.

    In terms of divorce/ separation in Ireland it is no fault divorce, doesn’t really matter who cheated or what I think.

    in terms of abuse that’s a different matter, next time he gets like that or you are afraid, if you call the guards, they would maybe advise him to leave for the night, but couldn’t actually remove him unless there was some physical contact or something serious that warrants that.

    in saying that calling the guards the next time you are in that situation might give him a wake up call.

    as for getting him out of the house , going to court to get a barring order against him might be the only option at the moment until it went to court in terms of separation.

    EDIT: for sure if you go back and ye are both in the house, I would lay it on the table that if he raises his voice at you or ye start having an argument, or you a feeling threatened or mentally abused that you will call the guards.

    and if it happens , make sure you do call them. I’m pretty sure that would be an eye opener for him , and put a lot of reality on the situation for him.

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    Do you really believe that calling the guards on her husband for 'raising his voice' is going to have any effect? Raising your voice is not a crime.

    OP should divorce and let the court decide about the house.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,418 ✭✭✭XsApollo

    Nothing the OP’s partner has done is a crime. Doesn’t mean it is ok.

    raising your voice, shouting , punching walls, can all be intimidating.

    100% call the guards if any form of aggression or intimidation or anything the OP has described in her post happens again. Have you not read the OP?

    You think she has to live with that in her own home? Next time the OP feels threatened or sees her kids being threatened 100% call the guards, if anything it is a record for the divorce or if anything more serious happens.

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    The OP can't divorce for at least two years and the court will require the house to have been dealt with long before that.

    OP,you need legal advice, and pronto. As XsApollo has said, all divorces are considered "no fault" in Ireland, which means it doesn't matter how shìttily anyone has behaved, it has no bearing on how the courts will handle proceedings, everyone still has the same rights.

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    OP, I can't read your post as you have deleted it, but I can glean a lot from the responses.

    Just thought I'd mention Women's Aid, if you are living in fear.

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