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ESB retrospective registration NC6

  • 23-05-2023 5:11pm
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    I have a Zerver Solar PV Inverter installed c. 2016. I have been informed it has not been registered with the ESB and need to apply for retrospective approval. To do so they require a Safe Electric Installer to verify that the unit complies with EN50438, and to send them the number of the 'Type Test Certificate'.

    The unit does comply with the standard according to the product datasheet and there is a setting on the unit that is set to the standard. However, I cant find any certification document online (there are documents available for other standards/models but not mine). I have contacted the distributor/manufacturer for the cert but no luck so far (the manufacturer ceased in 2019).

    Is there a database of these certificates I can access somewhere? There is a unique number required which presumably the ESB can verify by accessing this database?


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    Hi -- I just did a quick search there out of interest and found the following:

    not sure of your model number but this might be a start to find the EN50438 certificate !

    Best of luck T

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    How did you get informed? Did they come on to you after installing a smart meter?

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    Thanks for that, I have that site trawled! My model is 1500S. I had emailed the company and they have said that they don't have the EU Type test certificate but do comply with the standards. Ill have to get on to the ESB now to see what the story is.

    No, I wanted to get the FIT but Airtricity informed me that I wasn't registered. I have been feeding in for the last year, since the smart meter was installed (and probably the 5 years before that). How did it get installed/allowed on to the grid in the first place? And the ESB have no record of some microgenerators on their grid? Seems very strange.

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    It can be difficult to find info on older models alright/. the only thing I could see was this (manual attached to this post):

    but you've probably already seen this !

    Cheers T

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    I just submitted the NC6 for my panels which were installed as part of the build in 2020... I subsequently realised I'd have to send the second document related to the inverter, so sent a second email...

    My NC6 was processed within a week and my house updated on the system... no request for the second document. Then a few days later I got another email acknowledging that they received the second document and would update the system.

    So... long story short... I only really needed to send the NC6.

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    I'm in a similar situation to the op, had PV installed in 2018 but no NC6 received by ESB networks.

    I have searched for a test certificate but as I understand it there is a specific EN5048 test requirement for the Irish grid so a lot of inverters sold 5 years ago don't have this "Irish" certificate.

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    Since I posted the last time I had a call back from the ESBN contact person. It was really unsatisfactory. She suggested that I get a SE installer to sign off my form when the “test” my unit for compliance?! It was really a fruitless way forward Now this person had no technical knowledge but given the scenario some form of technical advice could have been provided.

    in any case, I got back on to the company in the vain hope for any official safety documentation that could be provided and low and behold, they provided the documentation that they initially said they didn’t have. I am still to get it signed off but hopefully there are no further roadblocks for me.

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    So... My understanding is that they need to know your inverter complies. If someone else submits the documentation for the same model inverter, they then have the certs on file and can assume that yours is also compliant... It may be that in the meantime, someone put an inverter onto the system that matches yours.

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    So when I initially went through explaining my situation to them, that was my first thought. She did in fairness go through their database and look for the model I had, which they didn’t!

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    I sent an email to Goodwe technical support several months back looking for a test certificate for my inverter but I never got a reply, I just checked their website a few days ago and the test certificate was there, so my message must have got through.

    I contacted my installer and they finally completed my NC6.

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    Hi all,

    Reposting this thread! Since this time last year (😲), the inverter company have provided me with the documentation. However, I have ran into some difficulty. I contacted a few installers last year with no luck. In order to register with ESBN the NC6 needs to be signed off but (understandably) no one wants to sign off on someone elses work. As far as I can see from the NC6, an installer is required to certify the model number and the number of the type test certificate (which I have). So i'm in a bit of a catch 22. Would anybody be able to suggest an installer that would inspect my set up?

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