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Driving Test Rules on Mini Roundabouts - Exiting

  • 01-04-2023 11:20pm
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    Hi there,

    My driving test is really soon and I've been absolutely frustrated at the lack of clarity specifically on exiting mini-roundabouts. I've had 2 instructors as I've moved town and they both give me different interpretations of the rules.

    My first instructor said to treat it as a normal roundabout signal to exit.

    My new instructor says no need, you don't have the time if they're really small and it would throw off your steering.

    Some videos also argue different points of view too:

    In favour of signalling to exit:

    In favour of not signalling to exit:

    I've sometimes used the rule to exit as I felt it's no harm, and was pulled over by a driver furious that I was confusing them, and I would fail my test.

    There's no detailed information on the RSA Rules of the Road either specifically on mini roundabouts. & just for context, my test will be in Raheny, where the mini roundabouts are very very small.

    Does anyone have any clarification, are these old rules that have been updated? Have people with experience of using these tiny painted on roundabouts - singalled or not signalled lost marks etc.?


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    My own opinion is that the same rules apply to mini roundabouts as normal roundabouts. Definitely for a test I would be signalling to exit the roundabout. Just take your time nice and handy around them so that you have time to signal would be my advice.

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    As above, I would signal on exit. However, practically it's not really needed on the mini roundabouts as there definitely is very little time to focus to steering and signaling.

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    My opinion would be tat if you can't signal and steer when turning from a mini roundabout then you probably aren't competent enough to drive yet. Anyway, my daughter got her test just pre covid and was told to treat like a normal roundabout. She passed and didn't get any marks against her for doing it the correct way.

    As for the driver who pulled you over saying you would fail, god help them if they ever drive on a normal Irish roundabout, about 90% of drivers don't know how to signal correctly.

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    90% is definitely incorrect, but a fair amount I must agree not just signal incorrectly (or not signal), but also use a wrong lane which is very annoying as you have to watch out for others, especially at the roundabouts. Infrastructure in Ireland is also not that great. 2 lane road approaching a roundabout has a narrow to the left and straight, while the second lane to straight. However, a roundabout has an exit in the right at 3 o'clock (classic 3rd exit), furthermore, 2nd exit only has 1 lane. Why approach to the roundabout is designed this way? It clearly is a mistake and it's been this way for over 10 years at least in Blanchardstown.

    Some drivers don't even care about lane narrows and still take a 2nd lane approaching to go to take the 2nd exit, but the issue is there that they feel being right squeezing themselves into 1 lane at the exit.