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Servicing an electric car?

  • 27-01-2023 4:32pm
    Registered Users Posts: 474 ✭✭

    Hi guys,

    My car needs to be serviced, well inspected. VW charge €200 for an inspection where they just look over the car and reset the service light. Seems like a lot of money for nothing.

    are there other places in Dublin to get an electric car serviced?


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,490 ✭✭✭Redfox25

    Do you need the vw service to maintain warranty by any chance?

    Some companies are cute that way they tie you into servicing with them.

    Might be worth checking other dealers too.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,858 ✭✭✭joe1303l

    Service Plan with VW can work out cheaper if you know you are keeping the car for 2-3 years. Option to pay monthly or upfront.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,490 ✭✭✭Redfox25

    There was an option on that vw plan that included new tyres too. Check it's still there as you could work put alright if that's included.

    Again, cost it out

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,005 ✭✭✭...Ghost...

    VW, just like BMW will screw you out of it if trading back in with them and you don't have their stamps in a row. If keeping car long term and it doesn't impact warranty, get it "looked at" wherever you want. Not once in 5 years did I bring my Leafs for a service, as they simply didn't need it. I had brakes checked out when getting new tyres and that was all I needed.

    Tesla don't even have a service requirement! This is how it should be.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6,439 ✭✭✭zg3409

    In terms of warranty and resale value it's relatively cheap. Ring different dealers and haggle on price.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 933 ✭✭✭sh81722

    Just out of interest: Did you not even get brake fluid flushed and cabin air filter service in 5 years? Tesla has 3 year and 2 year service intervals for those.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 18,480 Mod ✭✭✭✭slave1

    Leaf was €77 service cost at main Nissan dealer so for that paperwork and support of resale value we got it serviced every year

  • Registered Users Posts: 86 ✭✭rorymagory

    I've my 2015 leaf for around 18months and it's getting its first service (since i've owned it) in a few weeks. Will go with the main dealer although i didn't get it from them.

    Issue with my car is that the touchscreen is banjaxed, non responsive ion the right hand side, so i've never used half of the features. Asked the garage about it when i booked the service and they said they'd investigate and charge €140/h, but no guarantees they'd be able to do anything.

    Anyone got any experience with replacing a screen like this DIY style?

    Advised, not advised?

    There are youtube videos and it doesn't look too bad even for a novice.

  • Registered Users Posts: 933 ✭✭✭sh81722

    No point getting the main dealer to look at the screen as they will just want to replace the headunit at cost of I'm guessing €1000-3000. The replacement digitizer is available from aliexpress but it needs a small modification on the connection lead if I remember it right. I agree, it didn't seem like rocket surgery to me, a steady handed DIYer should be able to replace it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,063 ✭✭✭fafy

    I bought a 1 year old bmw i3 in July 2021, from a main dealer, and was told all “inspections” are free, including, a written report on the car.

    i assume this is only, while its within the 2 year warranty. I had a free inspection after a few months, then, got it serviced at the due service date of December ‘21, brake fluid & pollen filter,€268, and i’l get another free inspection, in the coming months before warranty ends next July, and next service is december this year. 2 year service intervals.

    While i agree bmw servicing costs, are very high, these zero cost inspections, go some way, to alleviating that.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,005 ✭✭✭...Ghost...

    The cabin filter I done twice myself. Easy job for anyone. BF was done by dealer in UK at 3 years just before I bought it. Be worth my while getting it done next time I need new boots. Car only does small miles every year, so not pushed to stick with the intervals. Original pads are still plenty thick.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 933 ✭✭✭sh81722

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic so should really be changed at fixed intervals for safety reasons, i.e. absorbed water reduces fluid's boiling point. The high water content can also lead to internal corrosion of the system.

    That being said, In my opinion, Nissan specified two year interval is too often. Most likely Nissan were concerned about corrosion aspect of the system when they set it, as the brake system doesn't get much use due to regen.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,439 ✭✭✭zg3409

    There are EV specialist garages in Arklow and Gorey. Ask them have they done it before and can they source the parts etc. There is also a UK EV specialist sending a van over to east coast for at home service in March 2023. You can book them here.

    They also do services. It's a pity there is no Irish roaming service except from Tesla.

    In terms of DIY I have lots of experiences with DIY and electrics and cars but generally I would allow a specialist to sort it. It might be an option to remove it and post it for repair to a specialist? I am not sure car would run with it gone.

    Most manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid every 2 years as it ages due to moisture absorption. Not doing it is unlikely to have a big impact, but ignoring it forever is not a good idea. Similarly even things like cabin pollen filter can get manky and you breath in the air from it but on many cars it can be swapped with no tools. I got a discount from main dealer service price by changing it myself.